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Sunday, 27 May 2018

And a White Nationalist's viewpoint by Julie Lake

The outpouring of indignance of the vertically challenged, Mossad funded, Lutonian, is in ignorance at what the ramifications are for the little girls who were the victims of the Muslim rape trial, which was on going. The so called heroic act of Tommy Robinson has put the entire trial at risk of collapsing and the bastards walking free, laughing up their sleeves.

Far from some heroic, brave act, persecuted by police, this is stupidity in the extreme, and this entire sorry saga has brought genuine nationalists into disrepute.

If Robinson does not possess one lonely brain cell, to do what any other nationalist would do, i.e... when deciding to film the defendants arriving at court, first approach the court office, to check whether the verdict was due Friday, or whether it was still ongoing, which would then make his live streaming a criminal offence, then don't go sobbing that it's all so unfair. Reporting restrictions especially live streaming in an ongoing trial are not there for nothing. If some amateur with a camera, films defendants arriving at court, in an ongoing case, streams their faces live on social media, before the days proceedings have even started, and then adds his own perception, that they are all guilty, before a verdict has been reached, along with his own opinions, this can sway public opinion along with that of the jurors should they see it. That means, even if it has no effect on the decision of the Jury, those on trial, can call a mistrial based on the claim that the premature footage, has. can, or will, bias the Jury. In other words,

Tommy Robinson put the trial in danger of the defendants being able to claim a mistrial for public opinion being swayed, and get off scot free, even if they were as guilty as hell. For those girls and their families who have had their lives destroyed by these Muslim rape gangs, all they had left, in the hope of closure, was at least having the peace of mind that their rapists would see justice. The actions of Robinson, who didn't have the brains to just check that Friday was the day the verdict was due, or whether, the trial was still ongoing, could also have resulted in immeasurable hours of police manpower bringing this investigation to court, flushed down the toilet. If Robinson is so fucking stupid that he hadn't the nous to just check with the court and ask just one simple question, that it was the last day of the trial or whether it was ongoing, because he wants to look the hard man on social media, then his stupidity means that far from the nationalist and champion of the victims of Muslim rape gangs, that he portrays himself as, he is in fact, bringing the entire nationalist movement into disrepute and damaging police investigations and closure for those little girls... Not only did Robinson not bother to check with the court, his stupidity held no bounds, in the fact that he was on a suspended prison sentence for doing the exact same thing, for committing contempt of court over a gang rape case heard in Canterbury last year. That was another trial he put in danger of collapsing and rapists walking free. After he was handed down that suspended sentence, and his lawyer explaining to him, the law regarding filming before verdicts is reached, he believed he was so bomb proof, he could do it again.

On each of those trials, he handed the defence the golden egg from the golden goose, for the guilty to claim a mistrial based on not getting a fair hearing. This has set back all the hard work that nationalists for years, have been campaigning for. For those who really don't get this, with their tears for poor old Tommy, this is the law.
" Statutory contempt law bans the media from publishing or broadcasting, including on the internet, any comments or information that might seriously prejudice active legal proceedings, in particular criminal proceedings heard before juries. The concern is that a juror might hear or see something outside of the courtroom that would sway him/her when he/she is deciding whether an accused person is innocent or guilty..
In short, once legal proceedings become "active", it is a criminal offence for media organisations to broadcast material which would create "a substantial risk of serious prejudice" to the proceedings. Criminal proceedings become "active" as soon as one of the following has occurred: a person is arrested, a warrant for arrest is issued, a summons has been issued, or a person has been charged, and they remain so until such time as the accused has been acquitted or convicted. "
Further more, 
"Liability for statutory contempt is 'strict', which means that the broadcaster's and programme-maker's knowledge or intention is irrelevant, as is the fact that no actual prejudice was caused in a particular case - the risk of prejudice is sufficient. If contempt is committed intentionally, however, it would be punished even more severely.

Common law contempt consists of any other action which is intended to interfere with the administration of justice, for example a sustained campaign by the media to influence legal proceedings. Proceedings need not be active."

Sympathy for Robinson ? .. No way, he has now put two trials at risk of collapse, and destroy the victims only hope of justice and closure. For what?

If some clown can not make a simple phone call to the Court, as a journalist, as he calls himself, to check that Friday was the last day of proceedings, or if it was still ongoing, to ensure he was not breaking the law in any shape or form, especially, given he had already been convicted for the exact same thing, and was on a suspended prison sentence, that would immediately put him straight back in prison, then save your tears, and save your outpouring, because we don't want to hear it.

Genuine nationalism is about staying within the law. Checking up on the law before you undertake any activism. I.e. checking that the area you are protesting in is a public place that will give you, the legal right to peaceful protest by law. This is because a nationalist in prison, is a useless nationalist. I for one will not be banded in the same section of society that is the fame seeking world of Tommy Robinson. He is now in prison because of his own stupidity and desire for fame. Tommy Robinson has damaged nationalism and his stupidity, is in part, responsible for the new laws passed through Parliament to restrict nationalist movement.

You'll note in the first minute of the footage that Robinson streamed to social media, he asks the defendants about the verdict. One replies 'What verdict'?  Of course he is going to ask what verdict, because there hadn't been one, due to proceedings being mid trial and not the day of the verdict. Further more, did the intellectually challenged Robinson not wonder why they walking out of the court free, if there had been a verdict for raping children?

Save your tears, money, and join a real nationalist party, one that has conducted themselves in a manner that has avoided prison sentences for its leaders, for 51 years.
Finally, don't even think about classifying the case of Robinson with those political prisoners, such as Jeremy Bedford-Turner, who was the result of pressure on the CPS, after it ruled that he had committed no crime, and there was no case to answer.
Robinson has made a laughing stock of all of you, and if you can't find some champion of the people, who has the nous to check with the court first by means of a simple enquiry on the phone, or research reporting restrictions beforehand, then there's no hope for you.
Robinson being now in prison, is not the fault of the courts, the police, the CPS, the Commie establishment, or the old woman who lives down the lane. He is there through his own stupidity and arrogance.... Sleep tight Robinson..
Julie Lake

Two Views on the Tommy Robinson arrest - Stefan Molyneux National Populist

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to continue the look back over 50 years of British Nationalism.

This week we hear about a battle where the National Front were outnumbered 10 to 1 and the origins of the Albert Mariner shield for activism.

In 1979 the NF organised a public meeting for one of their election candidates in Leeds and were expecting it to just have members of the public there and local Reds, however the Left had mobilised nationally for this and had even chartered a plane to bring Communists down from Scotland. The NF had to fight there way into the town hall, where instead of then being safe, the police escorted 30 AntiFa into the building since it was a public meeting. Eventually the 30 trouble-makers had to be removed from the premises, but there were still over a thousand outside.

The NF then made their escape through a side entrance, while being escorted by one solitary copper on a horse. The Left soon found them and started picking them off, leading to several hospitalisations. Eventually after being chased for 2 miles, the NF found themselves outside the Leeds football ground just as the game had finished. The supporters came out and they were all on the side of the NF! Finally the tide was turned and the rest of the activists managed to get home safely.

Albert Mariner was a senior citizen who was also an NF member. He was trying to make his way to a meeting when he was hit on the head by a brick, which fractured his skull and killed him. It was Blacks that threw the brick and they had Labour Party members behind them inciting them to do so. There was no inquiry, no charges made against anyone and it is the 35th anniversary of his murder this week. In honour of his memory the NF created the Albert Mariner shield for best activist of the year.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

Monday, 21 May 2018

Rare BNP footage now available on Radio White Voice, YouTube

I have just uploaded to Radio White Voice the first 9 parts of the History of the BNP. There are another 10 parts to follow soon. SUBSCRIBE to Radio White Voice

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Hilarious - Living next door to Ali by Daniel Bostock

Facebook claims another two Nationalist victims

On making enquiries about a good friend and long standing White Nationalist, I am told he has left the fight due to appalling posts on ZuckerBook (sucker book?).
In this case his wife has been accused completely without foundation of being an ex-prostitute, so I can hardly blame them.
They were both NF members and the really bad news is that it was a NF member who told me this
without any suggestion of rectifying the matter.
So Comrade if you read this (as your email is bouncing) - get in touch and lets sort this out.