Saturday, 3 June 2017


Above: Russian White Nationalists show what can be done!

A Call for White Nationalist Resurgence in Britain

Every White British Patriot knows that the whole of British nationalism is both stagnated and at its worst point in the last seventy years.
There is a preponderance of nationalist parties in the United Kingdom and they have two things in common -
* They are minuscule in numbers from numbers in the few dozens when only ten years ago the British National Party numbered in the thousands

* They will NEVER unite. Each is lead by either one person or a small clique of ‘leaders’ who are ego driven. Common sense and the fact that we, the so-called vanguard of the White Nationalist fight back in Britain which is in serious and possibly irreversible decline, is displaced by their own egos and the fact that they and they alone have the ‘right answer’.

That is why ‘Nationalist Unity’ in any sense is not only undesirable but actually impossible. The Egotists will always put their own interests and/or the interests of their ‘Movement’ in front of any sense of urgency. A sense of urgency that is calling out from every part of our beleaguered Nation that the time is coming when there will be NO White European Race any longer.
We are being bred out of existence and led down that path by a traitorous and truly evil gang that are determined to carry on with the agenda they have been chasing for two centuries or more – and that is the end of all individuality, both national and racial, to be overwhelmed instead by billions of faceless automatons, all of which are one universal colour and one universal race.
Above them will sit – in fact is already sitting – the power crazed Internationalists who are holding the levers of power and heralding in the darkness of the New World Order.

Unbelievably many of the leaders of these ‘parties’ are still falling over themselves to deny that they are racist, Fascist or Nazi – the political swearwords of the Liberal Left.
Instead of saying yes in their beliefs they put their race first and if that makes them racists, fascists and Nazis then so let it be.

I can only see one possible last attempt at reforming White Nationalism into a meaningful political force that instead of pathetically denying in a moaning defeatist voice that they are not racists, but to go on the offensive and show what Racialism really is – the natural choice of putting your own people first – as Nature indeed intended, and throwing off all the stupid Globalist accusations.
Instead of a seemingly bunch of political cowards, the Enemy will see a far different opponent. A fierce and uncompromising opponent determined to win this final bitter struggle to secure the very existence of our White Race and a future for our future generations.

I am writing this not for the attention of those who cannot see beyond trying to get a meagre and shameful number of votes in a ridiculous ‘local election’. No my appeal is to the young White Nationalists who have shown over the past decade that they have the potential to make this last defiant fight into a reality.
I am also calling to all the veterans of the three or four generations who still believe in White Nationalism or National Socialism (call it what you will – it’s the same thing), to act as k the guides and leaders at every level to bring up this vast sea of potential recruits into a movement that can truly call itself a MOVEMENT!

They can ban us; arrest us or even try and kill us but they cannot kill the idea of a White Nationalist Revolution.
If this means forming or resurrecting a new White Nationalist Party with the will, the principles, the organisation and the vision to ensure that this time we win!

Eddy Morrison (2017)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Murderous Muslim Criminals
caused the Manchester Massacre!
I thought I would leave it a few days before I commented on the events of five days ago, Mon 22nd May.
Late evening I was going to sleep when my daughter knocked on my bedroom door and said “Dad there has been a bomb at the MEN in Manchester”
I got out of bed, turned on my phone, turned on the TV and spent the next few hours watching the events unfold.
At first, News reporters were talking such nonsense, “It could have been a helium balloon, it could have been a large speaker exploding”!
You really could not make it up, they were showing live footage of thousands of youngsters running out into the street and at the same time reporting that the explosion may have been one of the giant helium balloons!!!

As soon as my daughter told me there had been an explosion at the MEN I knew exactly what had happened as did thousands of social media users and thousands more watching the TV across the country.
It does not mean we are psychic  no it means we are realist, unlike the nations media that straight away start looking for excuses.
What happened on the night of Monday May 22nd was an absolute tragedy, 22 people, mainly children slaughtered on the alter of Fanatical Islam.
To we Nationalists, it came as no surprise and neither will the next one, be it tomorrow or next month - We know what is coming.!
I don’t want to sound like I’m playing the “I told you so card” but it is a fact that Nationalists have been warning about such attacks for years and for years we have had mainly the same response that of scare mongering and the racist label!
For at least two decades, Criminal Muslims have been destroying the lives of young White girls, their evil practise of grooming has meant that many young white girls will never be able to live a normal life, how could they? After being drugged beaten and gang raped by dozens of filthy evil alien criminals. 

So now these cowards go one step further and blow up and maim our children
As soon as the TV crews began filming people at the scene and around Manchester, their initial reaction was shock and anger, the Libtards had not as yet started to inflict their weakness but by midday Tuesday the propaganda machine was in full swing, every newspaper showed the picture of the Muslim woman with the Union Flag headscarf, they bombarded news reports and social media about how Muslim Doctors and Muslim taxi Drivers had given up their time to help, wait a minute, shouldn’t this be a normal human response? Typical of the controlled media pandering to the Muslim, What about the thousands of non Muslims that did their human duty and helped out?

It was Fanatical Muslims who committed this atrocity, so why pander to 
the few that helped out, everyone that helped out and saved lives and eased distress was on the night a hero.
Almost every forum on social media is now full of Liberal apologists “they are not all bad you know” You cant blame a whole community for the actions of a few extremists!”
The truth is, as with the Grooming gangs, many in the Muslim community know who these people are, they pray in the same Mosques, they walk the same streets, they chat to the Imams, the community knows when they are off on their trips to Syria, Iraq and other places, in many cases the local Mosque and Muslim elders fund the trips abroad, do they think they are funding for these young radicals to go sight seeing?
So now five days later, what are the public doing? Have they taken to the streets in their hundreds of thousands? Have they marched into Muslim areas demanding they weed out the evil in their community?
No they are attending candle lit vigils, sending pink hearts to each other and adding “I love Manchester “ filters on Face Book!
The weakness of the British people is just incredible, it has got to the point again where some on social media are saying about myself, “I am no better than Muslim extremists” Why? Because I have told them the only answer if we are to survive as a race & nation and the only answer to protect us from more attacks is a policy of repatriation.

The Nationalist Response!
Some have been quick to arrange demos and marches in Manchester, that is of course up to individual groups but I know Manchester and if people are coming to Manchester thinking they are going to have the public on side and they will have a trouble free confrontation free event then they are sadly deluded, THIS IS MANCHESTER, a Red City where even those grieving today will turn out and oppose you tomorrow, Greater Manchester Police are one of the most left wing forces in the country, they hate nationalists, Nationalists will be kettled in Manchester and their voice will not be heard.
If members of the National Front wish to attend these events then that is up to them but I do feel they need to know what to expect, they also need to realise that GMP will be looking for token arrests to appease the Muslim community.
I myself will be thinking hard over the next few days as to the National Front response; I already have ideas floating around.
What I will say is that all Nationalists must be united in condemning the slaughter of Monday May 22nd, We must be united in condemning the Politicians that have allowed these people to settle and practice their vile religion in our land and we must be united in agreeing that the only answer can be the repatriation of the illegal alien hordes back to their country of origin, no other answer will secure a nation fit and free for our young white children.
Despite all the name calling, despite all the smears the National Front has now been telling the truth for the last 50 years, we will continue to warn people, we will continue TO TELL THE TRUTH.

Racial Regards
Kevin Bryan
National Front
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Alison Chaboz - Freedom to Sing is now under threat!

Alison Chaboz - Freedom to Sing is now under threat!

Many readers of White Voice will already be aware of the Zionist smear campaign against singer Alison Chabloz who was arrested last November after the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) listed a private criminal prosecution against Chabloz for one of her satirical songs. In the first instance, after several complaints from the wealthy Jewish so-called charity, CAA, the CPS had refused to investigate and bring charges against Chabloz for uploading a video to YouTube of the song in question, ‘Survivors’, which satirises the tall tales of several well-known ‘Holocaust’ survivors.
At the first hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court last December, Chabloz pleaded not-guilty to the charge of malicious communications by way of causing gross offence under Section 127a of the Communications Act 2003. Despite the defence solicitor requesting that the CPS take over and review the case, the judge present on that day set a trial date for March 24. The same judge granted Chabloz unconditional bail. A second hearing took place on December 23 after the prosecution complained about several online postings by Chabloz and a gagging order was then granted by district judge and Chief Magistrate (Baroness) Emma Arbuthnot.
March 7, the CPS finally announced that they were taking over the CAA’s private prosecution and on March 23 the trial was adjourned. This hearing took place in front of District Judge John Zani. In fact, Baroness Arbuthnot had quietly stepped down after it was discovered that she had been on a paid trip to Israel as part of a delegation with the Conservative Friends of Israel. A new hearing is set to take place on June 23 for legal argument only and, depending on the decision taken that day, Chabloz’ trial is now scheduled for July 17.As well as the original charge of malicious communications for Chabloz’ YouTube demo of her song ‘Survivors’ - and despite the CPS having previously refused to investigate and charge Chabloz - the CPS is now trying to bring two further charges for mal comms under the same Section 127a of the Communications Act 2003. These new charges concern a video, shared in a blog post by Chabloz, of her London Forum performance last September at the Grosvenor Hotel. The Crown again cites the song ‘Survivors’ as well as a second title, ‘Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe’ – a song which, ironically, deals with ‘charity’ CAA’s tactics of anonymous trolls participation in gang stalking and harassment.
In fact, Chabloz has still not been formally charged with any offence. Associated pending charges by Derbyshire police for alleged harassment and incitement have now been dropped and, oddly, the CPS failed to pay the correct postage on the proposed new charge sheet for the London Forum YouTube video, meaning Chabloz was legally entitled to refuse the CPS’ postal requisition. With estimated costs to the tax payer already amounting to tens of thousands of pounds, perhaps this postage error was a blessing in disguise?
Since the hearing on March 23, Chabloz’ bail terms have been reworded, meaning she is now more at liberty to express herself. After appearing again at the London Forum last February and completing a nine-day tour of Canada (including a memorable gig at the Calgary chapter of Blood & Honour which sent Canadian Jewish organisations into a frenzied fit), Chabloz was a recent guest on the Richie Allen Show and she also appeared on the weekly alternative news broadcast Windows On The World. Links can be found by searching directly on YouTube.
For any readers wishing to help Chabloz financially and ensure the best possible defence, donations would be gratefully received at Chabloz’ case raises grave concerns about the English judiciary and CPS seemingly bowing to political pressure from a foreign lobbying group. We must fight any such legal precedent being granted in an English court: we do not want to see the same restrictions to free speech imposed here on our own soil as already exist in many other European nations. Please support Alison  Today, it’s her freedom of speech which is being attacked. Tomorrow, it could be yours, too!

Check Out Alison's website at

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