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Saturday, 11 August 2018


This was billed as a ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ demo, but most of the people there accepted that it’s not just Tommy Robinson that’s been incarcerated for speaking his mind, as there have been lots of people, and some of OUR friends are currently serving prison sentences, for simply speaking their views. This and other similar demo’s are great opportunities to get our message across to thousands of people, the vast majority of whom are in complete agreement with our Cause.

The media said there was some violence, but there wasn't ANY violence whatsoever, so those media reports were fake news, as usual. 
The police put a Public Order Notice in place before anyone arrived in London. Notably, they DIDN'T do that when the Reds were in London the day before! That makes it clear to the onlooker, which side the police and establishment are on. Lots of roads were blocked off stopping us reaching the rendezvous (RV) point before the march. We didn't see ANY reds, until we reached Whitehall and those that were there were just about visible as a small group behind a barrier at the far end of Whitehall. Two hundred yards from us. We couldn't hear them and could barely see them. 
The main body of marchers had got to the RV point by various means, so there was still a thousand or so people in the march. Because we'd been blocked from getting to the RV most of us went straight to the Cenotaph in Whitehall and waited for the marchers to arrive. We found a shady tree right near the front and stood there waiting for the marchers to arrive. The demo was great and lasted for four hours, with some great speakers. We took over a thousand leaflets and they all went in ten minutes!

During the speeches, one of the organisers tried several times to get us to applaud the"great job done by the police" but we refused and everyone booed and shouted "NO!" The police did NOT do us any favours and they never do, so they don’t deserve praise for their extremely oppressive behaviour. I’m very pleased that the vast majority of the crowd did NOT kiss the backsides of those anti-British traitors.
Some of the speakers were a bit dodgy (Zionists) and there were a few Israeli flags behind the stage, but most of the speeches were great. Some were sent from around the world, on film, such as Donald Trump and Geert Wilders. President Trump read a poem about a conversation between a woman and a snake. The outline of the poem was the woman was warned NOT to take in the snake as it'd bite her. She took it in and it bit her. The last line was from the snake to the woman: 
"Oh shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin, you KNEW damn well I was a snake BEFORE you took me in!"
The poem is obviously referring to certain immigrants!
Shortly after we arrived, five of us met three of our ex colleagues from the BNP. And strolling along Whitehall on his own was an 80 year old friend of ours and ex-BNP Councillor for Stoke on Trent, Phillip Sandland. What a star that man is! Despite his age and eyesight problems, Phillip has also been with us on lots of other demo’s and leafleting sessions over the years, and he is an excellent example to ALL nationalists, young and older.
It was a tiring but very successful day, and we need many more of such days! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

An old song for a new age.....and a musical impasse! Who will rewrite and re-record?

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1978-043-14, Horst Wessel.jpg
Horst Ludwig Georg Erich Wessel (9 October 1907 – 23 February 1930) was a Berlin leader of the Nazi Party's "stormtroopers" – the Sturmabteilung or "SA" – who is best known for being made into a martyr for the Nazi cause by Joseph Goebbels after Wessel's murder in 1930.
Wessel first joined a number of youth groups and extreme right-wing paramilitary groups, but later resigned from them and joined the SA, the brownshirted street-fighting stormtroopers of the Nazi Party. He rose to command several SA squads and districts. On 14 January 1930, he was shot in the head by two members of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Albrecht "Ali" Höhler was arrested and charged with his murder. Höhler was initially sentenced to six years in prison, but was justifiably taken out of jail and killed by the SA after the Nazis came to power for his murder of the young Horst
Wessel's funeral was given wide attention in Berlin, with many of the Nazi elite in attendance. After his death, he became a major propaganda symbol in Nazi Germany. The march he had written the lyrics to was renamed the "Horst-Wessel-Lied" ("Horst Wessel Song"), and became the official anthem of the Nazi Party. After Adolf Hitler came to national power in 1933, the song became the co-national anthem of Germany, along with the first verse of the "Deutschlandlied", also known as "Deutschland über alles". 

The Horst Wessel in many languages is the International Battle Hymn of White Nationalism
Its a pit a such that it has never been updated into English apart from a scratchy recording from the BUF days.
(Words below)
Someone of a musical bent should rewrite and rearrange this stirring song  and record a new English version.
To be led to victory to the strains of  'The Lied' would be no bad thing!
We NEED this song!

British Union Version

Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions,
Of those who fell that Britain might be great,
(x2) Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
And urge us on to gain the fascist state!

We're of their blood, and spirit of their spirit,
Sprung from that soil for whose dear sake they bled,
(x2) Against vested powers, Red Front, and massed ranks of reaction,
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!

The streets are still, the final struggle’s ended;
Flushed with the fight we proudly hail the dawn!
(x2) See, over all the streets the fascist banners waving,
Triumphant standards of our race reborn!

Friday, 20 July 2018

Every picture tells a story.....new film by Alexander Baron

It’s often been said that every picture tells a story. Here is a recent one. Although this is clearly a montage, what is it telling you? The evil, wicked, racist Donald Trump takes pleasure in inflicting pain on asylum seekers, especially on the young and vulnerable.
Here is another photograph, one that has not been staged: the message is a two year old boy has been drowned because of the wicked, racist policies of those evil, white Europeans.
At one time they used to show us photographs like this to brainwash both the young and not-so-young into accepting uncontrolled immigration into Europe, but eventually the sheeple began to wise up, especially when they realised the same people who were so horrified about what happened at Belsen during the Second World War had no qualms about inflicting these horrors on innocent people.

Here is a picture that tells an horrific story. This is a young Cambodian girl named
Long Pros. According to Nicholas Kristof writing for The New York Times, January 3, 2009, she was 13 and hadn’t even had her first period when a young woman kidnapped her and sold her to a brothel in Phnom Penh. The female brothel owner beat her and tortured her with electric current until she agreed to have sex with men.

Then the woman gouged out her right eye with a piece of metal. This is as shocking a story of inhumanity to an innocent young girl as anyone could wish to hear. It is also a pack of lies. Here is the truth, one that shows the best rather than the worst of humanity.

One should of course feel sorry for Long Pros, the poor girl has after all lost an eye, but we should exercise a little critical faculty any time we hear a sob story with or without accompanying pictures.

This woman is Amina Muse, she had a real sob story to tell. She was gang-raped in
Somalia, and saw her brother murdered, at least, that is what she told the UK authorities.
The only problem is, she was actually living in Sweden at the time.

In January 2011, she was given a four and a half year sentence at Harrow Crown
Court for a massive fraud. It remains to be seen if her real name is Amina Muse or if she has ever been to Somalia.

In the United States, this bloke, Bright Erhmwemma, would be called an undocumented worker. In the UK he was called an illegal immigrant.

“No one is illegal!”, they cry.

Even when they prey on vulnerable women?

Here is another asylum seeker. This woman took the legal route to American citizenship,
but that citizenship was revoked in 2013 when it was revealed....that’s right, she took an active part in the Rwandan genocide.

Every nation should have the right to defend its borders, and to protect its citizens from murderers, rapists, or plain undesirables. Like the mother who dragged this young girl all the way up from Honduras against the wishes of her husband, the child’s father.

And the father who caused the death of his son by taking him out in an inflatable boat hoping eventually to reach Canada, even though he had been granted asylum in Turkey.

Here is another photograph about the manufactured Southern border crisis, showing
kids held in cages like animals. One senior Democrat actually cried for the camera when he saw this, but this is a photograph taken under the Obama Administration.

And here is the truth rather than the hysteria; this is Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch in their weekly report, for July 13, 2018 explaining what has really been happening with these poor chil’len.

All we hear, all we ever hear, from the left, and increasingly from the Democratic
Party is: racism, racism, racism.

Curiously, Mexico doesn’t tolerate illegal immigrants. This is what happens to so-called asylum seekers in Thailand. And don’t even think of applying for asylum in Japan.

What do Mexico, Thailand and Japan have that Western nations don’t? The real
question is, what do we have they don’t? The answer is of course white guilt.

We’re supposed to feel guilty about our white privilege, and for the crimes committed against minorities in the past: real and imagined.

The White Man owes asylum seekers, so-called. He owes them his wealth. He owes them his land. He owes them his women.

We are constantly reminded of this. How many times have you seen pictures of starving African babies? Well guess what, they were showing us pictures like this in the 1960s. And this is the White Man’s fault because...

The lunatics of the far left, and that is what they are, lunatics, would gladly see Europe over-run by tens of millions of Africans, and America by tens or even hundreds of millions of so-called asylum seekers from Central America, Africa, and God knows where else. White Americans are not happy with this, nor are an increasing number of blacks, who let’s face it have often had a raw deal, not because of so-called racism, but because of the way they’ve been used and exploited by the Democrats.

What will happen to Europe and America if these insane leftists get their way? Look
around you, look at the technology we take for granted every day. Was this developed by Africans? Did a Kenyan invent the computer; did a Ugandan invent the internal combustion engine or the electric generator? Did Nigeria put a man on the Moon?

We must stop this madness now, for all our sakes. This woman may call us deplorables, but this is where she lives. This is just one of her homes.

It’s time to end white guilt. And this left wing incited bloodless genocide.

Every picture tells a story, but that story may be just that, a story, or even a fairy tale.