Friday, 8 April 2016


A TIME FOR UNITY by Kev Bryan 
Having been active in Nationalism for some 30 years I have seen many people come and many people go, many of those that have gone were never going to stay the course, and what I mean by “stay the course” is that once you become a nationalist you have broke through the mould of The Conditioned, because lets face it, around 98% of people have been conditioned, and that does of course include the Left Wing, the Left do believe they are fighting for a cause but their cause fails to include the real problem, in fact the only time the Left ever turn against the real problem is on the pro-Palestine demos but even then, they only see the problem in the Middle East, they do not see the damage that the problem is doing to their homeland or the rest of Europe.

Many people become Nationalists mainly because of immigration, just as I did, but nationalism is an education, where as what you are taught through school education and forever after through the television & media is selective programming, what you learn as a nationalist is an alternative to that selective programming and you soon realize that what you are now reading or watching makes so much more sense than that selective programming.

Once you have broken through that Mould nationalism can become addictive, it becomes addictive because you realise that you have truth on your side, whereas the Liberal and the communist (is there any difference?) will argue that mass non white immigration has been good for the nation, the reality, the truth is that it has been an absolute disaster, one example a nationalist will use in an argument about mass immigration is the rape of 1400 young mainly underage white girls in the northern town of Rotherham, what an absolute disaster immigration has been for those girls and their families, but yet even when hit with that boulder the left will skip around it as if it never happened and will throw things at you about immigrant doctors or immigrant sports stars, they will throw a tirade of abuse at you, Nazi, Hater, what about the Holocaust etc, always evading the problem and always evading the symptoms of the problem and of course always failing to show any sympathy towards the white victim.

There comes a time in a nationalists education when I believe you reach a point of no return, you know when you have reached that point because every time you turn on the tv or every time you read something about an event or events throughout history you realise that what you are being told is nothing but a lie or sometimes a distortion of the truth, you know that our own history is being eroded and things of no relevance to our history are being taught as an alternative to the achievements of our brave ancestors, my own opinion is that once you reach that point of no return there can be no turning back, to turn back and live a life of lies is a betrayal to your future generations, to turn back can never be the answer but so many nationalists who have reached that point of no return have done just that, they have turned back. Now I don’t know what goes through their head every time they turn on the tv or every time they read the paper or every time they walk down their high street, I know many ex nationalists that have fallen back into civvy st, back into a being Mr or Mrs 9-5, how do they cope knowing they are living a lie?

Nationalism can sometimes lead to a very lonely life, I myself have experienced that loneliness, many people loose partners because of their commitment to the cause, many nationalists give up all friends that are not involved in the cause, sometimes friends they have known since school days, I too have been guilty of this in the past, you start to think that those you know that are not connected to the cause are not worthy of knowing, no matter how much you talk to them they will never grasp the seriousness of what is happening around them.

Outside of nationalism I have also had another circle of friends, friends I went through my teenage years and beyond with, we had a common interest in scooters, some of those friends shunned me as I became more Political but the majority I have kept in contact with, even though nationalism can take over your life, I would advise everyone to also have other interests and to keep another circle of friends outside of nationalism.

So what this is leading up to and what I would like to examine one of the reasons why people drop out and leave the cause, including those committed nationalists that have reached that point of no return.

Over the years one of the main things that has dragged our cause down is infighting, I believe there are 2 reasons for this. The first is what I call the Alpha male syndrome, nationalists tend to be made of sterner material than the feminised left, the Alpha Male syndrome is the way nature intended, the strong rise to the top. The problem is that there are so many that rise to the top within Nationalist parties but the top positions are few, this leaves those would be leaders without a senior position, each of these would be leaders has his own following so this leads to infighting and splits, I have seen this happening ever since I got involved and of course it was happening before and will continue to happen until one true leader emerges that has respect and the ability to unify, command and stamp authority.

The first is the Alpha male syndrome the second cause of infighting is the Agent Provocateur; very often the Agent Provocateur is strategically placed within a Political Party or a Movement, placed there by the enemies of British Nationalism and ultimately our Race.

Over the three decades I have been involved with Nationalism I have seen several Agent Provocateurs try to cause friction and division within our movement, about 8 years ago when I was the Rochdale BNP Organiser I was approached by a well spoken Gentleman by the name of Martin Littler(suspicious sounding name is Littler).

The whole think was a set up from start to finish.

Without going into too much detail, Mr Littler contacted me and told me he was a friend of Nick Griffin and because he was renting a flat in Heywood(even though he lived and worked in London) he would be welcome to join the Rochdale branch, Mr Littler claimed his childhood was in Heywood and he was renting a flat there so he could spend his weekends and time off in Heywood. Anyway after a few weeks he invited me to his flat to talk about a course of action for Rochdale & Heywood.

The flat itself was smack bang in the middle of one of the roughest Council estates in the Greater Manchester region; I thought to myself “why would a business man that lives and works in London want to move to such a hell hole? In fact how did he get this flat? Surely there must be a waiting list of local people, why did he not rent one of the many private apartments in the region.

So on arrival he greeted me at the door and told me the flat was the top maisonette and he told me to go up the stairs, as I got near the top I saw a table and on the table was a set of Jewish candles with a yarmulke hanging from them, my initial thought was “you are being filmed” so I never said a dicky bird, I think I was expected to let it all out but I kept quiet, when I got in the living room Littler said to me “did you like my souvenirs?” instead of coming out with an anti Jewish rant I asked him where he got them and why he had them? He told me the candles he had bought in a second hand shop and the yarmulke he found in a gutter in North London, of course I wasn’t convinced.

Littlers flat had no furniture, just a fold up camp bed, a computer and a camera on a stand facing the window.

Within a couple of months the Agent Provocateur started his trouble making, I telephoned Nick Griffin about him on several occasions but every time Nick told me he was ok.

He continued to undermine me as Organiser and during election time told me I was not to talk to the local press, at the time I had a decent relationship with the Heywood Advertiser and they had given half decent coverage to a couple of our activities, including our commemoration to Nelson.

Littler had even gone to the Regional Organiser to tell her that we had not to speak to the Heywood Advertiser, I spoke to the Regional Organiser and told her that I had already been speaking to the Advertiser and there was no way a newcomer was calling the shots, on this occasion she backed me up and I told Littler I would continue to speak to the press. Unable to crack me and get his own way, Littler gave his flat up, disappeared back to London or Israel or wherever he came from and has never been seen since, I have always had that feeling though that if I had given out an anti Jewish rant at the top of those stairs that it would of ended up on Panorama or some other documentary.

This is just one example of an Agent Provocateur, we know they have been placed in nationalism for years and are still actively chipping away causing friction and division, sometimes damage gets done, Matthew Collins was a fine example, most Agent Provocateurs come over as the ideal Nationalist, they show willing, they get stuck in, they attend most nationalist events but all the time they are going about their wrecking causing division and friction, while all the time gathering intelligence and information.

The state knows only to well that it is not the left that threaten the system it is a strong unified nationalist movement and because of this we can expect them to keep planting their Agent Provocateurs within our ranks, but the older and wiser we get the more some of these Agent Provocateurs stick out like a sore thumb and will in almost every case eventually be ousted, but unfortunately because of the trouble they cause we do loose to many good people along the way.

The state knows that as long as we continue with the infighting we will never win. The one thing the state is frightened to death of is a strong United Nationalist movement.

Next year the National Front reaches another milestone, its 50th Anniversary, the fact that the National Front is still in existence after 50 years is a miracle.

Preparations are already underway to celebrate the half-century anniversary, suggestions have been made for guest speakers from other organisations, one of the suggested speakers I was dead against even though he had a long past history with the National Front, why was I against it? Because he is no longer a member of the Nf but a member of another nationalist Party.

As I was sat day dreaming the other day I started to think of all the Nationalists that were at one time or another involved with the BNP or the NF, the list is endless, many of them have completely dropped out of nationalism, many of them are people that reached that point of no return that I spoke about earlier but never the less “they left”.

Many have died and will never see that final victory that we strive for, but many are still around and going through the motions with other parties, and why are they with these other Parties? Well sometimes its ego’s and the Alpha Male syndrome and the wanting to be top dog but sometimes its because of silly fall outs, personality clashes or a slight difference in the way to go about things. Imagine if all of these people decided to wind up or leave these other Parties and unify the Movement under the banner of the National Front, there is a pool of talent in the Yorkshire region in Parties like the BDP, the English Dems, a few remain in the BNP and of course the National Front, imagine what the Yorkshire region National Front would be like? Of course Yorkshire is just an example of one region.

Some might say “why do I suggest that we unify under the banner of the National Front?”

Well that 50th anniversary next year in my opinion says it all.

Not just the other nationalist Political Parties but why not extend that hand of unity to some of the street Movements? After all many of these youngsters in these street movements are the future blood of the cause, we all know that they would be reluctant to give their movements up but as they are not Political Parties and in most cases they don’t have a membership scheme then there is nothing to stop them becoming card carrying members of the National Front.

It has become increasingly more difficult to recruit members from the General public this will of course also apply to other Nationalist Parties.

Now I am not saying it is ever going to happen, there would certainly be ego’s out there that would never bury their differences, I don’t deny that in the past that I too have been one of those that has said I would never sit around a table or share a platform with some of those I have in mind. But the more I think how many good people have been lost because of petty differences and the more I think of how the state would hate to see a strong unified National Front made up of the crème of the different Parties & Movements the more I am starting to think that it is the way forward.

There would of course be people that would never be welcome, malcontents with a proven record of disruption and out and out trouble making, people that no other party would touch with a barge pole.

And of course if this unity was to ever happen it could never mean softening the principles and aims of the National Front.

We have seen the BNP water down its constitution, allow non whites, scrap repatriation etc, this could never happen in the National Front as these things have to be set in stone.

The BNP changed these things and look at it now, it was a pointless exercise that drove away many good nationalists, what you have to do is continue to fight for our core policies and ideals.

I started off by saying how nationalism has lost so many people over the years, I have finished with a call for unity, a way forward for our movement, a way for key Politicos, key thinkers and key activists to put our differences behind us and work together as one to put the fear of god up the establishment, a way to push forward to reach our eventual goal.

Imagine that 50th anniversary with all the key people there; surely with time running out the time has come for the cause to be unified once again under a NATIONAL FRONT.

Racial Regards
Kevin Bryan
National Front

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Time to build bridges not barriers!

Time to build bridges not barriers!

With the British Nationalist scene in complete disarray
at a golden moment when White Nationalists are marching ever stronger both in Europe and the USA, it is time for us to heal the troubles of the past and start to build bridges instead of barriers.

The National Front is the oldest serving vehicle of White Nationalism.
We are an umbrella that ALL British Nationalists can come under.
Let us forget old fall-outs, grudges and petty problems and extend a welcome to our Comrades now in other groups and parties no matter the problems of the past.
In the face of a World Enemy set on the destruction of the White Race, all division is but foolishness

1967 is now a long time away, but just as we did then we must do so again
- rally all British Nationalists – forget past differences – shake hands not shake fists……
and let us come together again as one…….. and make a great British Nationalist Movement!

As a great man once said -
“When human hearts break and human souls despair, then from the twilight of the past the great conquerors of distress and care, of disgrace and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical compulsion, look down upon them and hold out their eternal hands to despairing mortals! Woe to the people that is ashamed to take them!”

Eddy Morrison
(NF Member)

Thursday, 31 March 2016

'Little Giffen'

Little Giffen
By Francis Orray Ticknor (1822 - 1874)
Out of the focal and foremost fire,
Out of the hospital walls as dire,
Smitten of grape-shot and grangrene,
(Eighteenth battle, and he sixteen!)
Spectre! Such as you seldom see,
Little Giffen, of Tennessee.
"Take him- and welcome!" the surgeons said;
"Little the doctor can help the dead!"
So we took him and brought him where
The balm was sweet in the summer air;
And we laid him down on a wholesome bed-
Utter Lazarus, heel to head!
And we watched the war with abated breath-
Skeleton boy against skeleton death.
Months of torture, how many such!
Weary weeks of the stick and crutch;
And still a glint of the steel-blue eye
Told of a spirit that wouldn't die.
And didn't. Nay, more! In death's despite
The crippled skeleton learned to write.
"Dear Mother," at first, of course; and then
"Dear Captain," inquiring about the men.
Captain's answer: "Of eighty-and-five,
Giffen and I are left alive."
Word of gloom from the war, one day;
"Johnston pressed at the front, they say."
Little Giffen was up and away;
A tear-his first-as he bade good-by, 
Dimmed the glint of his steel-blue eye.
"I'll write, if spared!" There was news of the fight;
But none of Giffen. He did not write.
I sometimes fancy that, were I king
Of the princely knights of the Golden Ring,
With the song of the minstrel in mine ear,
And the tender legend that trembles here,
I'd give the best on his bended knee,
The whitest soul of my chivalry,
For Little Giffen, of Tennessee.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Vote LEAVE on Thursday 23rd June 2016!!!


Contact the
 National Front
BM BOX 4630.


Monday, 7 March 2016

Facebook? No thanks|!

I am getting a stream of reports back that yet again, Facebook owned by the two Jewish gentlemen Mark Zuckerberg and  Dustin Moskovitz,
is in a  state of anarchy.
The situation is out of control and is greatly damaging both the Movement and its relations with kindred organisations.
To that end I am putting the following motion to the National Front Directorate......

"The National Front should maintain only one Facebook Page as an Official One. It must be a closed site open only to members and selected supporters by invite.
Free discussion
of policy and the and the announcement of events and news concerning the NF are to be encouraged. No other Facebook pages apart from the Official NF Site are recognised by the NF.
Any personal or character attacks against Party members or their families may well result in suspension and expulsion from the Party.
Strictly ANYBODY who is not a member of our Movement is allowed to moderate the site, nor unless specifically invited, be allowed to post on the same site.
Non - members abusing this privilege will be removed from the site's postings"

Personally I see no reason to go onto Facebook at all. It might be argued that its a good way to stay in touch with friends and family - then fine open a friends and family site but don't spread gossip, rumours, and innuendo on any Social Media site.
There was a time when Searchlight and Hope Not Hate had to infiltrate our ranks to learn about activities. They don't need to bother anymore - they just log on and see the anarchy reigning amongst White Nationalists!

Eddy Morrison

Why we should welcome Eastern Europeans into our ranks....Aryan Unity comes first!

There is some talk going around that Poles, Ukrainians , Latvians etc should not be part of our Movement.
This is nonsense. The Polish immigration problem is an ECONOMIC problem not a  racial one. For any informed White Nationalist, the Eastern Europeans are another part of our Aryan Race.
The NF has a long history of accepting Eastern European Nationalists - the late Elsie Barzec and her husband helped build the NF in Bradford and Elsie was nearly killed when she was felled to the floor by a brick hurled by some Marxist scum.
In Leeds, I remember the Ukranian Peter Marcenko who was out for the NF every night postering. These are just two examples out of many.
We must cap the numbers coming in from Eastern Europe because we need the jobs for the White British - but curb - not STOP!
I would rather a million Russians came into Britain than a million Somalis.
As for those Polish activists out on the street facing down ANTIFA, I say good luck guys - the White Nationalists of the Front are with you!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Reflections on the National Front

I was reflecting last night on where the National Front stands now we are well into the first quarter of 2016?
We will survive - of that I do not doubt.But mere survival as an organisation is NOT enough and never will be.
We MUST become the dominant Movement in a land beset it seems by some new Nationalist Group coming into existence every day!
I have preached since I rejoined the Front in 2009, that the junking of our ridiculous democratic Constitution which is an anchor around our necks must be thrown out - literally!
It must be replaced by a far simpler one, together with a far more Radical organisational structure.
The days of groups and branches should be left behind and replaced so that for the coming few years we have only Regions and Units.
I will be posting the full organisational plan on this Blog during this coming week.
Secondly we must cast aside any trappings of bourgeois democracy.Our life blood as a Movement is rests not in my generation nor the veteran Comrades I have fought alongside for decades but among the young, White angry men and women who are taking to the streets against the Marxist scum in ever greater numbers........
......unless we attract and show these activists that their future lies WITH US AND ONLY US then we will FAIL!

I sincerely believe that there a corps within the NF capable of  turning our Movement into just that - a Movement and not another tired old party.
I am a loyal member of the NF and I urge all members to renew their memberships if they have not already done so - but let us rebuild the NF into the spirit of the age and that spirit is a spirit of action and NOT ape the antics of the stinking Liberal-Democratic system.

The Front can prevail and whilst ever I have breath in my body and despite current health problems, I will continue to hammer out the above message at every meeting I speak at.
The big St.George;s Day meeting on Saturday 23rd to be held  - somewhere in England - I am scheduled to be the main speaker and I urge as many as possible to attend and let us light The Flame again for 2016!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mosley! His Life

I have finally finished the new film of Sir Oswald Mosley. This runs for just over 80 minutes and is quite comprehensive.
If you want a copy then you can buy it through PayPal -
PayPal will then send me a notification and I will mail out a copy. Its £3.99 including postage and all profits will go into The War Chest to fund future White Nationalist ventures.

In making the film I had to obviously constantly refer and show the excellent lightning flash symbol of the BUF. We last used this in the National Action Party (1982 - 1986) and I look back at the NAP with much nostalgia. With just over 150 - 200 members it certainly made a name for itself, and for the first time the London Reds started getting the worst of things (Islington Market 1983 for example - Socialist Worker's scattered all over! - happy days - and its all the Reds will ever understand, the terror of the left can only ever be combated by an equal force from White Nationalists.

It sill remains a potent symbol of British racial nationalism even today........

Friday, 4 March 2016

Brian Kane

I am deeply saddened to report the tragic and unexpected passing of a good friend and unsung hero of our movement Brian Kane who died in hospital early on Wednesday 3 March after being admitted suffering from leukaemia.

In the hard times of the 1980s, Brian left his native Tyneside and, along with his brother, lived and for several years worked in Gloucestershire, where he acquired his trade as a printer. Back home in the North East, he joined the National Front in 2002, after encountering Terry Blackham at a NF Day of Action in Sunderland, and remained a member for the rest of his life.

Brian was an activist who regularly attended our Remembrance Sunday parade as well as demonstrations and meetings in many parts of the country. He had a keen memory and a good eye for detail and could provide insightful accounts of many of his political experiences. Most recently, Yorkshire members had the pleasure of his company at our Christmas social in Hull. Just a couple of weeks ago, Brian was looking forward to playing a part in the campaign to secure a ‘Leave’ vote in this year’s EU referendum.

However, it was in his role as a printer that Brian’s impact was most significant. For the National Front, Brian printed Britain First (now The Flame), Bulldog, members bulletins, stickers and leaflets for campaigns too numerous to mention. He would work through the night to provide materials that were required at short notice and sacrifice his free time to ensure that everything he produced for the party was as near to perfect as his (considerable) skills and knowledge could achieve.

He was unwavering in his loyalty to the NF and uncompromising in his beliefs. In the run up to the 2010 general election, he was offered commercial work printing leaflets for the BNP, but he turned it down as –in his opinion- the BNP was not a true nationalist party. He later commented that his principled stand had probably saved him from severe financial difficulty as many printers who did work for the BNP that year were left seriously out of pocket when Nick Griffin refused to honour that party’s debts.

Brian was a modest and kind-hearted man, who used his keen intelligence to comment perceptively on political matters and life in general. He was a proud Geordie, a Christian and a dog-lover, but above all else, he was devoted to his family and his country.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with his lovely partner Karen and both their families at this time, but the loss of Brian also leaves an empty space in all who knew him.

I hope that, in the future, fate sends us men who are even half as staunch as Brian was.

RIP, comrade.

Nick Walsh