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Monday, 2 June 2014

National Front statement regarding traitor Ian Edward Costard

Statement from the National Front regarding Ian Edward/Costard & Co
On Sat 31st May I chaired a meeting in Aberdeen with members of the National Front and after discussing at great length the current situation with our legal action against the former chairman and his motley crew I have decided that you need to know how things stand at this time.

As you all know Ian Edward Costard resigned from the role of party chairman one year ago but later decided to reinstate himself without consultation with the Directorate of the party.
It seems that he had an issue regarding the appointment of the new chairman of the party Kev Bryan.

Costard had actually instructed the Electoral Commission to remove his own name from all records as he was no longer the party chairman but when Kev was constitutionally appointed to the role of party chairman Costard decided to wreck OUR party (Not his party as he was/is still not a paid up member of the National Front). No membership fee has been received by the party treasurer so therefore Costard is not a member and therefore cannot be the chairman.

However after his initial resignation Costard was asked to sign a form/ declaration from the Electoral Commission but refused to do so. This left the EC in the unprecedented position of accepting that Costard has resigned but they couldn't amend the records because he had not signed the RP4 form.
Costard has steadfastly refused to sign the form and we as a party have had to go to a law firm to represent the party in a lawsuit against Costard. This as you can imagine has cost the party thousands of pounds already and will cost us a great deal more before the case is concluded.

Costard has also refused to authorise members of the party to stand as candidates in the recent local council elections. He did however allow 6 of his friends to stand under the National Front banner.
I for one classed Costard as a friend but I have nothing but contempt for him for what he has done to a party that he was so proud to lead as chairman.

The directorate of the party have had many calls from worried members about the current situation within the party. We have told the concerned members that we are the party and Costard and his friends are not the National Front.
Why would someone who calls himself a nationalist do this to our party?
Is he being led by outside influences or possibly by the person known as the mouth from the south?

We ask all members of the National Front to trust us as we remove the scum from the party once and for all.
Legal action is both costly and incredibly slow to commence and end but we will win of that there is no doubt.
Costard will never regain control of OUR party and in time he will be removed permanently from the records of OUR party.
He will also find it very difficult indeed to become a member of any party after his treacherous behaviour in the last 12 months.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. Further information will be sent to all members in due course.
Dave MacDonald
Deputy Chairman

                                  Disgraced former Chairman pictured recently

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