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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The White Nationalist.....e-newsletter

From the next issue, we are changing the name of the 'Nationalist Sentinel Bulletin' to 'The White Nationalist'. The first issue reverting to No 1.
The reason for this is quite simple - we have this Blog called 'Nationalist Sentinel' and now a Nationalist Sentinel Face Book site - to avoid confusion, we are therefore renaming the bulletin.
All current subscribers to the Bulletin will receive the much improved  and larger "The White Natonalist" newsletter in full colour pdf format - the newsletter will also have a more  recognisable  'newspaper' style and layout of 'The White Nationalist'.

You can subscribe for free by simply sending and email to natsentinel@virginmedia.com.
Over the last two weeks we have had exactly 100 new patriots subscribing - so sign up now and keep yourself abreast for how both the National Front and White Nationalism in the UK and in Europe.....

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