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Monday, 26 August 2013

British People's League

We have established a good working relationship with the British People's League of Canada which is organised by John Beattie. I am publishing their aims below. The BPL strongly supports the National Front.

About BPL
With the United Kingdom (and Europe) being invaded by the third world, the British Peoples League now has a larger global responsibility, for Our Peoples Survival, than ever anticipated !

Certainly the Internet is uniting those of our Kith, Kin and Blood through its thorough
information services, but only in a superficial way.
One cannot shake hands, share a drink, nor truly share a smile, with a piece of GLASS!
We of the BPL wish to communicate in the old fashioned ways, face to face, by eventually sharing the ancient Feast Days of our glorious ancestors in a truly revived spirit.
A spirit that permeates our very essence!
Our essence has no intention of allowing their International Global Cultists to smother us any longer. With our International British Peoples League we will defeat them on their playing turf!
It is our specific wish that this first introduction be short, in order that our bullet words to you out there in the Glass World be absorbed readily.
We leave the educational WebPages to others. Our job is to harvest the fields,
picking out the best yield possible.
The British Peoples League is the Global linkage for those of British Ancestry.
Our purpose, furthermore, is to promote and protect our ancient cultural and religious traditions, as a powerful Lobby Force.
We are elated by the recent stand of many, many Britons who voted for British parties, and not the Global Cabal !
But in Canada Land we have nothing to glory over. Those of British Canadian Ancestry are NOBODY, in the Dominion OUR PEOPLE created.
HOWEVER, there is a way we can be strong again, in the land of weakness. Yes WHEN THE BRITISH PEOPLES LEAGUE has the $$ to hold CAMPFIRE MEETINGS COAST TO COAST: a rallying point for those of our stock who are fed up and wish to join our protest lobby !
WHEN the $$ arrive at the BPL address listed above, we shall hold forth and continue to knit our people all over the world into an iron quilt that no one will ever again dissect, nor even attempt to dissect !

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