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Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Bulldog bites back!

The Bulldog bites back!
At a meeting of the NF Directorate in Manchester
on Saturday May 23rd May 2015
a decision was made to
revitalise the Young National Front
The National Front calls to all the disparate groups
across Great Britain, many of them offshoots from the
degenerate EDL, and who saw the EDL as a Zionist, anti-White
Pro-Gay & formed their own groups
infidels - Defence Leagues - Alliances
It is now time to come together under the umbrella of
the reborn Young National Front
The first move will be to start bringing out the legendary
BULLDOG magazine!
Watch  this space for more information soon!
All White Youth Groups to us!
Below - some pictures of how it was
and how it WILL be again!

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