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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I myself am an Holocaust Denier .........

I myself am an Holocaust Denier and I have come to that conclusion because of my lifetime interest in history and the truth in history. 
I would say though that the National Front and the White Nationalist movement in general should support the right of historians and academics to investigate what really happened in history. 
Let us presume the Holocaust did happen and Six Million Jews were gassed.  If that is true then the evidence for it should be so overwhelming that people like myself who am both an Historical Revisionist and a Holocaust Denier would be rightly looked on as deluded lunatics who should be locked away for their own safety. 
The true facts are that whilst the Liberal Oligarchy which controls the Western world prides itself on both democracy and the encouragement of scientific research, allows a wide birth of interpretation of both scientific and historic evidence AS LONG AS THEY AGREE WITH IT!
The real truth is that in most European countries I would be locked away, as many have already been just for questioning it.  The Holocaust, alongside  research of Racial Truth are suppressed by law and also by the refusal to publish any facts that go against the accepted version of history and of science which are drip fed to generations of our young.
I stand up for Historical Revisionism because I believe that the search for Truth is one of the prime reasons we exist.
I will never accept nor bow down to the Zionist dictated censorship and repression of Truth in Race and History. 
I continue to applaud those brave men and women who are, as you read this, currently residing in ZOGS prisons for doing the same.
Eddy Morrison 

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