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Monday, 5 September 2016

Nationalist Sentinel back up and running...........Plot to smash the NF uncovered.

Plot to smash the NF uncovered.
On Saturday 3rd September 2016 at a meeting of the Directorate of the National Front, a decision was taken to expel- immediately – a man whom many have believed to be a full time ‘wrecker’.
At the same time the well produced Heritage and Destiny Magazines latest
issue uncovers the names of individuals who wrecked the holding of the John Tyndall Memorial Tribute meeting last year – and the same man is amongst them.
We have reports that at Dover especially – two men – were seen to be encouraging stone throwing and other violent attacks. This has resulted in fines and imprisonment of a number of decent White Nationalists – the two in question walked free!
A lot of the disruption has taken place on Facebook with NF member after member being attacked, libelled and the vilest lies put out against them.
Targeted especially were members coming into the Front from other groups and scores of younger men and women have not joined us or not renewed their membership and each time it was after being targeted by this ‘Facebook Wreckers Gang’.
Since 2009 when we got the NF back on the roll again, we have had to face treason, deceit and betrayal from all sides of the spectrum/.
Yet we have persevered.
Next year, the National Front will be holding, in February 2017 – its 50th Anniversary of its foundation.
All decent White patriots are welcome!

Welcome back too are the many young men and women who have been led astray by lies and deceit. This has now ended. The perpetrators have been isolated and the Front AS EVER – Marches on!

If you think that such tactics to wreck our Movement are overblown. Think again!
I have attached (see below) some classic case histories of previous Wrecking
Eddy Morrison
Director of Media
The National Front

In the past, nationalist groups and political parties have been subject to police, security service and third party infiltration from groups such as the far-left Searchlight organisation which has close links to the political establishment, police and security services.

Andy Carmichael from the West Midlands was recruited by MI5 to infiltrate the National Front and an NF splinter group, the National Democrats, in the nineties. A former leading Conservative party activist, who later revealed he had worked as a rent boy to fund drug binges, he was approached by MI5 at a garden party in Cannock in the West Midlands held in honour of the former Tory Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

He later became West Midlands NF chairman and sat on the national executive of the party. In the 1997 general election, Carmichael polled 685 votes in the Birmingham Ladywood constituency for the National Democrats, whose leading members at the time included Ian Anderson, a former NF leader, and Simon Darby, who is now with the BNP.

Other undercover agents who achieved prominence in nationalist political parties were Tim Hepple and Ray Hill. Hepple started off as football hooligan in Reading, before allegedly joining the military and later studying music at Sheffield University in South Yorkshire. Hill joined the anti-immigration movement in Leicester before gravitating to more extremist 'neo nazi' groups such as the British Movement. Both worked for the Searchlight organisation and infiltrated various political parties and groups posing as hardline 'neo nazis' who were keen on militant action and were later closely involved in stirring dissent in those respective groups.

Searchlight is organised by ex-members of the Communist party and the 'neo nazi' League of St George.

Hepple's dubious exploits featured in a booklet called 'At War with Society' which Searchlight published in 1993. Ray Hill appeared in various TV programmes, toured universities and colleges on behalf of 'anti-racism' and 'anti-fascism' and had a book written for him called 'The Other Face of Terror' by a jobbing journalist in 1988. The book describes his attempts at disruption and the subversion of legal political parties such as the National Front and British National Party. He later claimed he had received £5000 for 'writing' the book and now lives in relative obscurity, as does Hepple.

Ray Hill's political career is effectively debunked here.

Hepple's bizarre adventures across the political spectrum on behalf of Searchlight and their friends in the security services are described here.

One interesting aspect of both Hepple and Hill's respective careers is their urge to drive the various groups and parties they joined to the extremist fringe of politics. Once those groups displayed such attitudes or broke the law because of those attitudes they could be more effectively smeared by Searchlight and their friends in the mainstream media. Whether Hepple and Hill merely went along with political tendencies which already existed in those groups or actually encouraged and directed them is open to speculation but radical political activists should always be wary of a new recruit who indulges in such fighting talk!

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