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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Democracy means death to our Race

Democracy means death to our Race
At the time of writing this - 2016 - the Nationalist forces are in complete disarray.
I who have fought in this Cause for far too longer than I care to remember, have never seen British Nationalism so fractu
No one organisation can claim anything like success at any level. The latest poor election returns were embarrassing to say the least.
Those who have a mind-set cast in concrete see only one road ahead - the electoral road and are so focused on this and in turn the Sacred Cow of fake democracy that they cannot see the Wood any longer for the hopeless mesh of brambles they continue to waste time and money trying to clear whence all the time, the Wood, where the real power lies continues its frightening and well planned trek towards a future Globalist One World State and the complete and utter destruction of all nation-states and all races so that the New World Order of a one mestizo race and a World free from any border restrictions comes into being.
Democracy is one of Its power functions. In some other European nations, varieties of Nationalist-Populism are treading this road with some limited success but usually only in countries with little or no long standing history of the 'democratic process'.
So let us be straight about this - Democracy, whether internal or external is as much an enemy of White Nationalism as racial destruction is.
When I see the foolish men and women sat in secret conference passing grandiose 'motions' which they stupidly think can empower their own group I don't know whether to weep or laugh. Weeping is the most likely as they empty their hard win coffers of cash to stand in nonsensical election contests and to be humiliated by them time after time after time.
Much like my hero Homer Simpson reaching for that elusive beer pack and electrocuting himself every time yet still he reaches out again - only to get another electric shock.
The coffers of British Nationalism have again been emptied in an embarrassing show at this years May elections where many results were so poor - seven votes in one instance - as to be swept under the political carpet sharpish!
I know that one group spent near on £5000 on local elections, to support local candidates to achieve nothing; nada; zilch - do I have to go on?
And yet next year these groups, even if they survive will be reaching out again for those cans of electrified beer!
Democracy - internal and external - is a political cancer which must be cut out.
Would you try and run a successful business along democratic lines? Of course not. You would be setting your sights on financial bankruptcy rather than financial success.
So let us cut out the canker of democracy - the rule of small minded people who sit in comfort once in every few months and pass mindless motions which are both meaningless and moribund, yet gives them the illusion they have accomplished something of significance. They'll be passing the same resolutions again and again in their democratic delusion.
For a White Race in danger of genocide, democracy - all forms of democracy - are  DEATH!
Reject it and replace it with LEADERSHIP and the Iron Laws Of Nature.
Eddy Morrison 2016
red;factionalised and splintered.

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