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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Goodbye Weazle

Today we gathered at Lawnswood Cemetery to say a final farewells to my closest and lifelong Comrade. I am honoured to say that his family let me read out the poem I had written 'To Chris ".
The music was 'Heroes ' by David Bowie- Jerusalem and finally 'Viking Funeral '.
Thanks to all Comrades who attended. 
"Ich hat einenn Kameraden"
Eddy - Hakenkreuze Fahne .

You are not gone Chris, you're present at our table
Our tears are shed with memories of mirth
For you filled our lives as long as you were able
Now the flags are furled and taken to the earth 

The fight you fought for freedom and for Nation
A Yorkshire lad who knew not wound nor fear
You marched with us towards a great Salvation 
Your not departed, you are present always here 

Fill Valhalla's Halls with hope and celebration
For the Viking blood you were so proud to bare
Yet we say goodbye no tears, no lamentation
May Odin speed you to His better care
Eddy 2016 

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