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Saturday, 4 March 2017

"Nature and People are one" Lyrics Eddy Morrison Music Neil McIvor

When Nature and People were one

Eyes shining bright in the Sun's light
When Nature and People were one
Listening to the forest at midnight
That's how our people began

Racing the salmon at day's break
Leaping with joy through the streams
Listening to Skalds in the days wake
Sleeping as one with our dreams

Standing so proud in the shield-wall
Knowing our gods watched to see
Their people so fearless of death's pall
Valkyrie taking our fallen and free

Gathering as one at the Solstice
Giving a life to the Sun
Watching the blood on the sax knife
When Nature and people are one

Now are the days of our weeping
Gone are the days of our sons
Deep in our blood they are sleeping
'Til Nature and people are one

Waiting our time for the horn sound
Lifting our weapons of war
Shoulder to shoulder we are bound
Gods wakened again from their Tor

One day we will stand proud and strong
When people and Nature are one

Eddy Morrison (2017)

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