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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What a succesful White Nationalist MUST have to succeed

What a succesful White Nationalist MUST have to succeed
Long lasting success in any human endeavour is never the result of blind luck. The achievement of a clearly defined goal, whether it be the act of walking from point "X" to point "Y", the building of a house, or the organization of a business, is always the product of three things:
1.The intellectual ability to perceive the problem involved, the opposition which must be expected, and the best way to overcome that opposition to reach the goal.
2.The will and determination to do whatever may be necessary to reach the desired goal, regardless of opposition.
3.The physical means, strength, and courage to enforce and carry out the plan or fight conceived by the mind and determined by the will.
If any of these three elements be lacking on one's purpose, failure is the inevitable, predictable result.
A man who is too stupid to understand the various factors involved in trying to walk from point "X" to point "Y", where the path between us is a jungle infested with snakes, dangerous carnivores and fever, and who fails to arm himself with weapons and maps, medicine and other equipment will never arrive at "Y" no matter how dogged his determination or how mighty his muscles. Another man attempting the same journey, though he clearly perceives the dangers and prepares for them, and though he be mighty of muscle, will yet fail to reach "Y" if he is so irresolute and weak of will that he does not persevere at the struggle and ruthlessly use whatever force might be necessary to crush and destroy the forces opposing him. And a third man who has the intellect to perceive the dangers and to prepare for them, and the will and determination to fight his way through even with the utmost heroism, but who is frail of body and so physically weak that he cannot carry out the commands of his mind and his will cannot but succumb to the stronger adversaries he will meet.

It is with civilizations as it is with the struggles of individual men. Dozens of great civilizations have perished because of failure in one or more of these three elements necessary in the struggle for survival.
Savage societies usually perish, not so much from lack of vigorous will or lack of physical strength, as from lack of ability to perceive the real situation. Drowning in superstition and stumbling in the darkness of ignorance, they are overwhelmed by the physical forces of violent natural occurrences, catastrophes and diseases which more civilized societies have learned to overcome.
On the other hand, civilizations, for all their intellectual achievements and sciences, perish most often because of failure of the will, the diminishing of the savage and ruthless drive for survival and dominance which originally created society. They become "humanitarian", selfish, and soft. They become physically weak and dependent on paid armies and police to do their fighting. The fighting spirit of honour and self-sacrifice and heroism of their ancestors gives way to a growing love of ease and luxury and cowardice masquerading as "humanitarianism".

When a civilization reaches this effete stage in its decay, only a very rare historical occurrence can halt the final collapse of the society as the decadence grows daily more apparent. Only when the dying society still has enough life-energy to produce a spiritual giant, a godlike throwback to the ancient heroism of its people who is able to shock and drive the civilization out of its natural historical night of sleep and death, in spite of the suicidal opposition of the dying peoples who long only for "peace" and the slumber of death, can a society once again rise to greatness!
As we stand at the moment in a blighted wilderness where British Racial Nationalism in its truest sense has ceased to exist, None of the groups we can see around are missing one, two or three of the above.
That is why there is now a vacuum - indeed a frightening vacuum - opened up which is filled by nobody and through which pour the Red scum terrorists of their Globalist masters.

We have groups dedicated to just attacking Islam. We have groups for whom Brexit is the be all and end all.
We  have groups who think that just stopping immigration is the answer.
All of them lack one or more of the three essentials set out above and that is why I and my many veteran and toughened in the furnace of street politics MUST noiw step in and show the way forward.......and the best way we can do that is by bringing back into life the White Nationalist Party - the WNP.
The WNP was and will be again, unapologetic-ally fanatical in its main aim - to STOP THE GENOCIDE of our White Race.
Join us in our struggle

Eddy Morrison
(With apologies to Commander Rockwell for taking liberties with some his great essay "In Hoc Signo Vinces")

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