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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Open letter to Treacherous Theresa,,,,,,,


Rt Hon Theresa May MP 

10 Downing Street 





Ref President Trump and Europe

Dear Theresa,

Your job is to represent the best interests of the natural born subjects of Her Majesty.  President Trump is the legally elected leader of the United States of America.  How he governs the United States is none of your business unless it impacts upon Her Majesty’s Kingdom.  Take careful note it is Her Majesty’s Kingdom, not yours.  You are merely a Member of Parliament with a posh job.  I am aware that Islam and the liberal snowflakes do not like President Trump but be aware that the majority of thinking natural born subjects of Her Majesty actually support President Trump fully.  So leave him alone.  It is not your job to undermine a LAWFULLY ELECTED HEAD OF STATE, so mind your own business.  You can also leave President Putin alone for the same reasons.

Which brings me to my second point.  Since when was Sharia law part of the law of Her Majesty’s Kingdom ?  If you push Sharia law in this country you commit treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.  It carries a very severe penalty.  And I am not alone in making this point.  Criminally, the Britain First leadership are being prosecuted for resisting imposition of Sharia in Her Majesty’s Kingdom.  I would remind you they are pursuing a legal duty to resist the imposition of foreign law in Britain.  Their prosecution constitutes an unlawful act and high treason contrary to the above act which is supreme above any other Act on race relations or religious freedom.  Anyone and everyone resisting the imposition of Sharia in Her Majesty’s Kingdom is carrying out a legal obligation to defend the honour and dignity of Queen Elizabeth II.  You should be too.

Which brings me to my third point.  The natural born British subjects of Her Majesty have decided to reverse the treason of every government since Heath’s.  He, as the arch traitor, sold his own country for the price of a new yacht.  When we, Her Majesty’s loyal subjects voted to leave the EU, that meant WE LEAVE.  The boy David should have taken us out the day after the vote but Her Majesty’s subjects hurt the poor boy’s feelings so he cut and ran  -  and for some inexplicable reason, you were elevated into his job.  At first you said all the right things.  But your actions since, give the utter lie to your words.

When Her Majesty’s loyal subjects voted to leave the EU, we voted for a number of things.  The primary reason, being that we love our Queen and the thought of Her Majesty as a vassal Queen to the EU is not only an anathema to us but it is also a constitutional impossibility.  If you knew anything at all about the Kingdom you live in, you would know England’s Kings answer to God as God’s Lieutenants and they rule us according to God’s laws.  They answer only to God and Her Majesty’s subjects.  WE voted to stop all our monies being given to the EU, to recover our lawful fishing grounds and to free ourselves of the European court of human rights which we in this Kingdom never needed.  We all ready have Magna Carta 1215, a legally enforceable contract between the King and his subjects and the 1689 Bill of Rights which incorporates the 1689 Declaration of Rights, also a legally binding contract between the King and his subjects (NOT including Parliament).

When we British voted to leave the EU, a criminal enterprise, we removed your authority to negotiate payments to Europe and to have any European influence over our fishing grounds.  You have no authority whatsoever to combine Her Majesty’s armed forces with a European defence force.  They serve Her Majesty, NOT you.  By giving our hard earned tax money to the EU, you are committing the major crime of fraudulent misappropriation of tax payers’ money.  It is our money, not yours.  The police are already looking at that allegation of major crime.  By allowing the ECJ any say in England you commit a Praemunire and allowing the EU control of our fishing grounds is the crime of Provisos which equates to treason.  And before you tell me these two crimes were repealed, remember that these crimes were brought into effect because King Edward III considered these crimes were an affront to his honour and dignity as King of England.  Ask yourself this question  -  is the honour and dignity of Queen Elizabeth II any less than the honour and dignity of King Edward III ?  Of course it cannot be as they both hold the Office of the Crown which is unchangeable.  So what was treason for King Edward III, is also treason for Queen Elizabeth II.  The last woman hanged in this Kingdom was Ruth Ellis.  If you are not very careful, you could be the next to hang.

Respectfully submitted for your very careful consideration

Albert Burgess

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