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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Fall Of Western Man by Mark Collett

I have received my paperback copy of Mark Collett's new book (2017) and am rather impressed initially. The book "The Fall Of Western Man" is not going to receive a full review at the moment - simply because I have only read two chapters BUT I will be reviewing it soon in an issue of WHITE VOICE.
Its an ambitious book which so far is living up to expectations. I wouldn't say it was an easy book to read unless you have a reasonable grasp of White Nationalist ideology, though each point is summarised for we laymen. I would recommend it to any THINKING White Nationalist (which should be all of you!)...its available as a free e-Book or from Amazon in Hardback or Paperback.
it answers A LOT of questions and it answers them well.....Eddy

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