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Sunday, 7 January 2018

"Tell the Truth and shame the Devil"

"Tell the Truth and shame the Devil:
Wahrheit sagen, Teufel jagen", 
 Gerard Menuhin, the son of
 the famous violinist, is a direct challenge to the world order established in 1945 on the ruins of Germany and Europe (Great Britain included). What is a miracle is that this veritable cornucopia of the most vital information painstaking retrieved from forgotten archives by the valiant researcher, has now been published in the German language with a faithful translation now available in Germany itself.

The author's Dedication:  For Germany. For Germans who still want to be German. For Humanity.
“Books are not memorials of the past, but weapons of the present age”, Heinrich Laube.
To give you an idea of the contents, here are some brief extracts, together with the page number (German edition marked S for Seite).
  • the six-million figure already in the USA media in the 1900s (p15/S18)
  • “Give us this day our daily Hitler” (p46/S62:)
  • the new stab in the back, now committed by German academics (p47/S62)
  • “Since the 8th. May 1945, we Germans are not a fully sovereign nation.”, German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeubler (p51/S68)
  • “The attack on the Ruhr was an informal invitation to the Luftwaffe to attack London”, from Dennis Richards' official History of the R.A.F., Her Majesty's Stationary Office, London (p64/S86)
  • ”The British decision to initiate the strategic bombing of civilians was a splendid decision”, J.M. Spaight, Secretary to the Air Ministry, in the publication, 'Bombing vindicated' (p64/S86)
  • the courageous Sylvia Stolz (P266/S381)
  • Jewish “holocaust”..a lie (p272/S388)
  • incarcerated for years for the “crime” in Germany of denying the “Holocaust”: Ernst Zuendel, Wolfgang Froehlich, Germar Rudolf, Gerd Honsik, Sylvia Stolz (p274/S391) 
  • ex-president of the W.J.C., Nathan Goldman, “Jewish life consists of two elements: extracting money and protesting. (p281/S403)
  • Edward Bernays, Jewish advertising man: “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses... those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government...the true ruling power in our country.”(p284/S407)
  • Soviet Union built on a lie and dedicated to the destruction of the human spirit and its enslavement. It demonstrates unmistakably the future of humanity under a Jewish empire, as its origin was identical.(p315/S454)
  • “The Second World War is being fought for the defence of fundamentals of Judaism”, Rabbi Felix Mendelsohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 1942.(p319/S459)
  • the fate of the Palestinians is a good example of what awaits us all...this conforms to Jewish dogma, whereby non-Jews are mere cattle. (p373/S536)
  • the Jews' offensive movement for world domination. (p374/S537)
  • Israel, by its immoral conduct, has outlawed itself and is not fit to share the planet with the ordinary congregation of humanity, as Gilad Atzmon says, “there is no room for these people amongst the nations.” (p376/S540)
  • quote from Dietrich Eckart, mentor to Adolf Hitler, in 'Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin':, “the Jewish drive for world-domination will lead to the destruction of the world.” (p377/S542)
  • a small gang of megalomaniacs (p384/S552)
  • this ancient conspiracy (p385/S553)
  • the need to separate money as an instrument of power from money as a useful commodity (p395/S569)
  • the Jews will ensue that the Gentiles are eliminated (p396/S571)
  • the Jews prey upon our weaknesses (p397/S572)
  • “Judaism teaches only the negation of the life of peoples.”, Martin Buber (p397/S573)
  • an exposure of the Jewish racket of the “holocaust” myth would result in serious negative consequences for the Jews. (p398/S574)).The author spells some of them out. 

                                               F I N I S.
Richard Edmonds (January 2018)

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