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Monday, 21 October 2013

West Yorkshire National Front - the Indoor Rally

I would personally like to thank Yorkshire NF Comrade and activist Dazz Lumb for this well put together report on the rally.

West Yorkshire National Front hold rally.
Sunday 20th October 2013 saw a well attended indoor rally by West Yorkshire National Front.
A well attended indoor rally in a plush hotel near Leeds was the scene of a revival of the National Front, members and supporters of the NF came from near and far, to be part of this prestigious event. The room was absolutely packed with many attendees having to stand up. At 13:30 the Chairman, Mr Eddie Morrison opened the meeting with a speech about how the White British inhabitants of these shores we're becoming a minority in certain towns and cities across Britain. After his speech Mr Morrison set out the itinerary of the afternoons event, two speakers in the first half of the meeting then the annual presentation of the Albert Mariner Shield Award, then there would be a thirty minute interval, where raffle tickets would be sold and the buffet would be open and the merchandise stalls would be opened for everyone to browse and purchase items if they so wished. Just before the second half of the meeting commenced the raffle would be drawn and the winners can choose their prizes, then the second half of the meeting would resume with three more speakers including the National Front Chairman Mr Kevin Bryan.
The first speaker of the afternoon was Mr Tony Braithwaite, he gave an excellent speech about the length of time he had been involved in Nationalism (39 years), and that White Nationalists shouldn't be focusing on the Muslim problem as such, the focus should be concentrated on the Traitors in Westminster and further a field in the EU.
Mr Darren Lumb was the next speaker to address the audience with a heart warming speech about how he got involved in Nationalism and how he much preferred the role of being a Nationalist activist and how he likes getting involved in  demonstrations.
The Chairman of the National Front Mr Kevin Bryan, then took to the podium to award Mr Kevin McMahon with the Albert Mariner Shield for his dedication and commitment to the National Front over the last 12 months, Mr McHahon was very much surprised at being chosen for this annual award, saying ''This award is not just for me, but for my team in the North West, because if it wasn't for them then the National Front in the North West wouldn't be in existence today, so I accept this award on behalf of my team as well''. The audience gave a standing ovation, the room just 'exploded' with a rapturous applause, and Mr Morrison after a few minutes had to calm things down to close the first half of the meeting, and the buffet was opened, along with the merchandise stalls. Raffle ticket were sold then the winning tickets were drawn and the lucky winners chose their prizes.
After the thirty minute interval, Mr Morrison re-opened the meeting by introducing Mr Kevin McHahon to speak, Kev gave a tremendous speech about loyalty and comradeship within the Nationalist movement and how he believes without this loyalty the movement couldn't perform.
Mr Richard Edmonds then took to the podium, and gave his very unique speech, he touched on everything that is wrong with this country and who was to blame for the destruction of the British Isles. To everyones surprise, Richard put on display a banner, ''this banner was handed to me by a long standing Nationalist who used to march with it in 1975'' Richard said. Richard also mentioned how the National Front was founded and by whom, he said the founders were from high class stock, Army Brigadiers & Air Commodores, with an ability to foresee the future of Britain and how right they were.
The final speaker of the afternoon was the National Front Chairman, Mr Kevin Bryan. Kevin gave a speech that will still be talked about in years to come, the delivery of his speech was very powerful and he spoke with such passion and determination, this was the speech everyone had waited for, ''Kev really does know how to rally his 'troops' '' said one member of the audience. (The speeches can be found on YouTube.)
At around 16:00hrs the meeting came to an end and Mr Morrison informed everyone that the raffle  and other collections had raised in the region of  £250 and that the merchandise stalls had a brisk trade as well, he thanked everyone for attending then formally closed the meeting

               Richard Edmonds - displaying the historic 'Stop the muggers' banner
Kev Bryan awards Albert Marriner shield to Kev McMahon
Tony Braithwaite the first speaker of the afternoon
Below - Darren Lumb speaks of his belief in White Nationalism
Kev Bryan ends the rally with a stunning speech and a call to all Nationalist to stand up and join the front fighters of the National Front



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