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Monday, 21 October 2013

South Wales NF day of Action in Swansea

Saturday, 19 October 2013

South Wales NF day of Action in Swansea

Saturday 19th October saw around 10 South Wales NF activists hold a leafleting session in Swansea city centre, handing out their new bi-lingual "what we stand for" leaflet. Included in this group was an ex-serviceman, with his Welsh Guard Beret proudly worn!
 Within a 2 hour session around 1000 of these new leaflets were handed out to the public. The response was positive to say the least with people actually walking across the road and asking "can i have one?!"
After 90 minutes of a successful and positive leafleting session, with our branch banner and flags flying, the far left socialist workers party appeared with their table to try and set up a stall where we were! The shock and horror on the faces of the reds when the 2 or 3  turned up and saw us was obvious to see!

The far left agitators were then seen on their mobile phones and disappeared. 15 minutes later they then
turned up with "re-enforcements"! they set up their stall directly in front of our "standard bearers", which just resulted in our proud standard bearers moving
forward in front of their stall!

The far left started to shout and scream the usual rubbish! this did not have the result they wanted, as a market stall owner asked them to be quiet as they were putting off their customers! the so call "workers party!" ignored this gentleman's request and they continued to insult the South Wales Patriots and tried their best to intimidate them! Well  this just didn't work as they obviously didn't realise  that us Nationalists are built of some stern stuff and are not afraid of some idle threats from red agitators who really need a wash!!!!!
Then the Patriots noticed a police van come up the road towards them. A man then appeared, who is a well known left wing agitator, and started to shout swear words and start "goose stepping" like Basil Fawlty!!! the police then took the man to one side and had a stern word with him over his behaviour! it must be said that again South Wales Police were very fair to us, treated us with respect and could see it was the reds who were causing the problems!

After giving out almost 1000 leaflets the patriots then left the area ( only after telling the left wing about how successful their day had been! ha- ha )

South Wales National Front are here and here to stay!!!

to get involved with South wales NF contact; southwalesnf@hotmail.com

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