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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The White Nationalist

Sorry I didn't get out "The White Nationalist" last week, but extreme demands on time organising the great NF West Yorkshire rally took precedence. That is behind us now, but what a day! The best and most comradely meeting I have been to for many years.
Old grudges put aside and every Comrade marching in step under the NF banner!
There will be an issue of The White Nationalist" at the end of the week, when normal service is resumed. Thanks to all at the rally who gave me e-mail addresses to subscribe - you have all been added to the main database now topping 1600 (and that's from 57 just over three months ago!
TWN is set to go from strength to strength - its call for a big turn out on Sunday proves that it is effective -  as well as the other Comrades who posted on Facebook and also by local unit contacts - many thanks to you all.
The NF has now proven, that is once again a growing Movement. Expect a future of constant demos and agitation - everything anything and by every legal means to defeat ZOG and free our Race and our Nation!
Eddy Morrison

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