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Thursday, 26 February 2015

American Nationalist Newtork and the National Front

It was my greatest pleasure on Tuesday of this week to take part in a live one hour radio talk-show hosted by the American Nationalist Network.
This is the second time I have been interviewed by the ANN (and the Atalantic-Axis Radio Show, which is th UK side of things) and I found it both positive and fresh.
The ANN Director, Rodney Martin and his team have built both a sturdy and a highly flexible apparatus to get over the message of Nationalism both in the United States and also in many other parts of the White World.
This weeks show can be heard at ANN Axis Tuesday 24th Feb 2015
It is hoped that every week, the NF will be fearured in a regular radio show and I feel this is a great step forward both for White American - and White British Nationalist cooperation.
Vist the ANN site and make it a favourite site. It is treading new ground in pushing back the barriers which ZOG have erected to crush free speech for we White Nationalists.
Eddy Morrison
Director of Propaganda
National Front

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