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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Invitation To The British Voice Meeting Monday 27th November 2017

Invitation to THE BRITISH VOICE meeting Monday 27th November in St Helens

Dear White Patriots,

You are invited to join us next Monday 27th of November in St Helens, 7.30 for an 8 o’clock start.

As part of our forum for nationalist speakers, this month we welcome the Rev. James from The Creativity Movement. James was one of the speakers at the recent nationalist Gathering, in Blackpool, where he gave a very interesting speech and an excellent rendition of Henry the Fifth at Agincourt. Whichever nationalist organisation you are connected to, all genuine nationalists are welcome.

Also, Paul Ainscough, the Culture Secretary of THE BRITISH VOICE, will give a talk on British Caucasoid cultural awareness and our place in the forefront of the indigenous Caucasoid movement.

In light of the persecution being suffered by our friends, Jack Renshaw, Jez Turner, Alison Chabloz etc, for simply telling the truth, Mike Whitby will give a talk asking: ‘When is it okay to expose the truth?’
Anyone who has a view on this subject, one way or the other, should come along and debate this very important issue.

Please contact us for the venue details, on 07598 744665. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards


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