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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Britain Betrayed writes Kev Bryan!

On Sunday,Prime Minister Theresa May laid wreaths commemorating those who gave their lives for this country.

In 2 World Wars millions gave their lives fighting to save their land.

Yesterday Theresa May spat on their graves, our beautiful Union, our nation now in tatters.

It is of course what could be expected, no serious nationalist had any illusions that just because we voted to leave that we would actually leave.

Most nationalists become nationalists not just because of immigration but because the realisation that Parliamentary democracy is a sham, the Westminster club is a controlled system made up of 3 main parties making joe public believe they have a choice.
The Westminster system is controlled by shadowy bankers & businessmen, most who are of a race of people that have no allegiance or loyalty to this country or its Crown & people, their loyalty is to Zionism and Gold.

On the run up to the referendum the whole Establishment the Political Parties, the TV & Media, celebrities they all pulled out all the stops to ensure a Remain vote was cast.
So intense was their campaign that they never for one minute expected the British people to return a Leave vote.
The arrogance of the Politicians and the media once the result was announced was one of utter contempt for the electorate, in particular the white working class as that was where the majority of leave votes came from.
Theresa May and the Westminster club never had plans drawn up to take Britain out of the EU because at no time was it expected.

What I am saying to people is DO NOT BE SURPRISED at what has happened.
BE ANGRY, angry at the Politicians and to a certain extent angry at yourself for constantly putting your trust in these people and for believing that putting your X on a piece of paper at election time gives you a say in the way the country is run.

What more proof do you need to make you realise that those in Westminster do not represent the British people?

Have we left the EU? No!

Have they filled our country with the third world and an alien religion? Yes!

Are foreigners treated better than we are? Yes!

Do we give billions in foreign aid while many British people are in poverty? Yes!

Do they spend billions in sending our armed forces to fight in wars that are non of our business? Yes!

Is the NHS in a mess because of budget cuts and the burden of millions of immigrants? Yes!

Are gun crime, knife crime, acid attacks murder, mugging out of control? Yes!

Have thousands of white British girls been groomed & raped by Moslems while the Politicians & local authorities tried to cover & hush these horrendous crimes up and pretend they were not happening? Yes!

Has the sacrifice that those millions gave to keep our land and our people safe & free been betrayed? YES IT HAS!

Do you need anymore reasons as to why you should not vote Lib/Lab or Con at the next General Election?
Only you can decide.
Kev Bryan

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