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Monday, 7 March 2016

Why we should welcome Eastern Europeans into our ranks....Aryan Unity comes first!

There is some talk going around that Poles, Ukrainians , Latvians etc should not be part of our Movement.
This is nonsense. The Polish immigration problem is an ECONOMIC problem not a  racial one. For any informed White Nationalist, the Eastern Europeans are another part of our Aryan Race.
The NF has a long history of accepting Eastern European Nationalists - the late Elsie Barzec and her husband helped build the NF in Bradford and Elsie was nearly killed when she was felled to the floor by a brick hurled by some Marxist scum.
In Leeds, I remember the Ukranian Peter Marcenko who was out for the NF every night postering. These are just two examples out of many.
We must cap the numbers coming in from Eastern Europe because we need the jobs for the White British - but curb - not STOP!
I would rather a million Russians came into Britain than a million Somalis.
As for those Polish activists out on the street facing down ANTIFA, I say good luck guys - the White Nationalists of the Front are with you!

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