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Thursday, 16 November 2017

"Alt-Right? - Not Right!" by Nick Griffin

I have just ploughed my way though the 83 pages that makes up Griffin's expose of the whole Alt-Right phenomenon (and anyone else he can toss in the barrel).
It makes depressing reading. Page after page purports to expose every 'rightist' activist as a homosexual; a Satanist; a paedophile; a State informer; an open race-mixer; an inciter to violence of others but themselves and sometimes all the lot or a variation of them at one go!
Oh yes - I nearly forgot. They are all - wait for it - fiendish ATHEISTS who haven't found the New Catholicism which has granted Griffin with the 'Order Of The Holy Hallo'.
If Griffin is right then we are all DOOMED I tells ya!
And what's more - as  sordid Christ denying atheists we are going to Hell on a 'Hope Not Hate' funded bus.
Griffin may be right with some of his accusations. Given an endless supply of darts you will probably hit someone at sometime but the fact that almost EVERY WHITE NATIONALIST is the victim of a colossal conspiracy to turn White Patriots everywhere into homosexual-devil worshippers takes some believing.
By the way, I'm a practising homophobe and have campaigned for the re-criminalisation of homosexuality for many years.

I confess I don't know half the people Griffin mentions but I do know some and in their case its 'Alt-Griffin - Not Right!"
Take Jez Turner organiser of the London Forum and currently facing jail for his beliefs. According to Griffin, Jez - a great bloke by the way - is a paid up informer for British Military Intelligence! (As proof there is a dodgy scan of a hotel bill which Griffin claims Jez paid someone £2,500 when the bill clearly says £250.00 - missed the 'decimal' point again Nick?)

As I have said its depressing stuff and if you are feeling suicidal about the eternal infighting at which Griffin has always led the way - then don't read it.
If you want to read 83 pages of what I suspect are half-truths then go ahead and find out the greatest mystery of all - why Griffin cannot employ a proof reader!
If Griffin told me that the homeless man huddled in a shop doorway and piping on methamphetamine was a Red, I wouldn't believe him - in fact I'd make him organiser of "White Nationalists In Shop Doorways....."
Oh, I don't get a mention - not important enough - but according to a previous statement by Old Nick, "I'm an unrepentant neo-Nazi who should crawl back under his stone" - Nick, less of the 'neo' please.
If you do believe most of this tripe then a donation to Men-Cap is in order.
And yes - I am an ATHEIST! Brought up a good Catholic boy, I became an atheist after discovering for myself the science of Cosmology, Natural Selection and Evolution BUT I would never attack anyone for their religious beliefs or - non-beliefs.
Religion and Politics are a dangerous mix.......
To read this tirade - here's the link ALT-RIGHT NICK GRIFFIN
Eddy (Not  a Satanist) Morrison

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