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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

NF Remembrance Day - Sunday 12th November 2017

NF Remembrance  Day - Sunday 12th November 2017
Report by Richard Edmonds

This Remembrance Sunday saw the National Front once again taking part at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph, Whitehall. For fifty years now the NF has maintained this tradition, and always in good order, and where we hold a non-political, non-Denominational Christian service at the official, central London site dedicated to the Fallen of the two World Wars.

All those who attended our smart and orderly Remembrance parade through Westminster and the ceremony at the Cenotaph itself will agree, I am sure, that the event has a tremendous potential both politically and socially for the promotion of our nationalist movement. How else and where else would “ordinary folk” be able to lay wreathes at the Cenotaph, just an hour or two after the conclusion of official ceremony ? It is a privilege which we should appreciate and grab with both hands. The National Front will soon produce a film of the event. Meantime here is the short speech that I gave at the open-air rally that concluded the event:

Friends, Patriots, Nationalists,  Remembrance Day, London, November 2017

We meet on this Day, dedicated to the Fallen of the two World Wars. We gather in the very centre of our capital to pay tribute to those brave men and women who suffered and who lost their lives in the world wars and in the wars and conflicts that came after. We do not forget the bravery and the heroism of those men and women:

Those men who charged enemy machine-gun posts;
those men who stormed up the Normandy beaches;
those men who flew their planes into dangerous skies;
those men of the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy who sailed their ships across dark and dangerous oceans.

We do not forget the bravery of those men who faced Death on a thousand battle-fields and whose names are engraved on War-memorials from one end of the country to the other. Those men who marched away from every town, city and village, never to return.

May we, who come after, draw Strength from their Heroism and draw Strength from their Idealism, because we know that those dead heroes would turn in their graves if they could see what had been done to our Britain. Our Britain has turned into a nightmare.

Friends, let us say it: Those men who marched away, proud and strong: they were betrayed. Betrayed by the Traitor-politicians. Our great cities, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, parts of South Wales, parts of Scotland turned into riot and permanent crimes zones, where we, the native British, are in danger of becoming the minority, cities where nobody would want to live or to raise a family. That is what the politicians have been done to us.

We know the crimes that have been committed. Today we remember the Fallen of the world wars; we remember those young men who marched away never to return; we remember also the victims of the multi-criminal, multi-racial nightmare-society. We remember the children, the thousands of under-age girls tortured and vilely abused by the criminal grooming gangs right across the North of England and beyond, vilely abused for years and years and all in the full knowledge of the authorities who shamefully and deliberately turned a blind eye to the vile crimes committed against defenceless British children. We remember the school girl stabbed to death on a bus in the centre of Birmingham, stabbed to death on her way to school by an insane foreigner let into this country; We remember the young lad in Glasgow kidnapped from the street at random and tortured to death by a gang of Asian criminals; We remember the young British soldier hacked to death by alien fanatics in Woolwich, South London; and We remember the young mother on the Croydon tram who spent years in and out of the courts, years in and out of prison and years in and out of the psychiatric wards, all because she spoke out against the nightmare multi racial, multi-criminal society forced onto us. We remember and we bow our heads before all those who have suffered the crimes and the injustices of this nightmare Britain.

Friends, Patriots, comrades, this is the modern fight: the fight against the betrayal of the British people, the betrayal committed by the party politicians. Tory politicians, Labour politicians, Liberal-Democrat politicians, they are all the same; and they have all betrayed us. This is the fight that the National Front has fought for fifty years now. Friends, when you join us, you are in good company. We are the Voice of the British people. We fight for the White Man, for his family and for Britain. May the courage of those brave men and women whom we honour today, may their courage inspire us now, as we face the inner-enemy, the politician-traitors of the old gang at Westminster. We want our country back.

                                          F I N I S.

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