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Monday, 13 November 2017

Who benefits when nationalists attack fellow nationalists? Jack Whitby makes some telling points.....

Who benefits when nationalists attack fellow nationalists?
by Mike Whitby

I pose the question of who benefits when nationalists attack fellow nationalists.
Q: Is such information educational, valuable and honourable?  NO
Q: Does it help the brainwashed masses to discover the truth?  NO
Q: Does it show our movement in a positive light?  NO
Q: Does it encourage people to support and donate to this worthy and noble Cause? NO
Q: Does it increase the numbers of patriotic followers?  NO
Q: Does it encourage more people to conduct their own research, to discover the truth?  NO
Q: Does it encourage those sitting on the fence to get involved?  NO
Q: Does it encourage patriotic nationalists to think ‘outside the box’ and find new ideas?  NO
Q: Does it inspire confidence, trust and the level of courage to stand up and be counted?  NO
Q: Does it inform anyone that the Caucasoid peoples of these Sacred Isles OWN this land?  NO
Q: Does it enable people to discover the unique 33,000 year history of our peoples? NO
Q: Does it reinforce belief in the leadership of our movement?  NO
Q: Does it benefit our movement, in any way?  NO
Q: Does it benefit the ENEMIES of the British people? YES!

I take no pleasure, whatsoever, in responding to negative comments by well known nationalists against fellow nationalists, as we should never be seen washing our dirty linen in public. And, I am conscious of all the above points, but I refuse to sit on the fence and do nothing while decent, brave, and honourable men are being attacked and demonised by long standing nationalists – who should know better.
Earlier this week I read an article by Nick Griffin in which he attacked our mutual friend and former colleague, Jack Renshaw, in what may be regarded by some as semi-polite criticism of a child or someone who knows no better. But, Nick Griffin knows Jack very well and he knows that he is not a foolish child; he is an extremely bright, intelligent and honourable young man, with a mind of his own.
He also knows that Jack is not a tough guy; a fighter; an athlete; a fool; or a nutter. But, despite his slight build, he is more than willing to speak openly of truths that many people choose to ignore, because of the bad press they may receive, from the enemy, or those less well informed. Whether or not we agree with the actions of others, particularly thoughtful people, we should never expect them to do as we suggest, because they are able to make their own mind up.

Jim Dowson also put the metaphorical boot into Jack Renshaw and was scathing of him and some other young nationalists. The vast majority of British nationalists have given everything to this worthy Cause, including their time, money, energy, commitment and most have risked their lives, for no reward whatsoever. Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson come into that category, but both have made a very significant earnings out of this Cause, and the movement is no further on now, than it was many years ago; so how can they claim to have all the answers?
I have also just read a disgraceful article on the European Knights Project (EKP) website, by Carl Mason, a man I have always regarded as being genuine. Some of Carl Mason’s comments are pure guesswork; one or two are accurate; some are highly unlikely and unknown to me; and some are dangerously wrong. So why is he saying such things?
He begins with a photograph of Jack Renshaw shaking hands with Jack Buckby and states that Renshaw is an anti-Semite and Buckby is a Jew.

That photograph was taken in 2011, when Jack Renshaw was just sixteen years old and well before anyone had discovered that Buckby was a Zionist Jew. Also, a year later, in 2012, Nick Griffin, the then Chairman of the Alliance of European Nationalists (who is now an associate writer for EKP) invited Buckby as a surprise speaker at the inaugural conference of the Alliance of European Nationalists, held on the Wirral, the guests of which had travelled from all parts of Britain and Europe.
At that conference, NG presented a comprehensive raft of evidence that exposed the Zionist financiers behind the EDL, which led to the collapse of that Zionist-controlled fake ‘nationalist’ organisation. At that time, many of us were already aware of Buckby’s Zionist connections and we were shocked to learn, on the day, that the chairman, NG, had invited Buckby – a Zionist – to represent the British nationalist youth! Needless to say, we were less than impressed.
And now, six years after the photo was taken of Buckby and Renshaw shaking hands, Carl Mason (NG’s associate) presents that information as if it is current. The inference presented is a complete distortion of the facts.
Jack Buckby is a self-confessed Zionist Jew and his family was strongly connected to Tony Blair’s Labour Party, all of which is totally opposed to the ideals of British nationalism. Buckby had also conspired to join the BNP by using a false address and was also bringing the BNP into disrepute by causing a great deal of unrest amongst fellow nationalists, on blogs and websites. It was apparent that he was behaving that way to cause unrest amongst the movement. Upon discovering these facts, Buckby was asked to explain his actions and was banned from attending BNP meetings and many of us distanced ourselves from Buckby, as did Jack Renshaw.
Before I continue to respond to those who are attacking genuine nationalists, I will say a little about the fake nationalists who wish to take over our movement on behalf of their Zionist financiers.
Those who are up to speed with the actions of our enemies will know that a few years ago, Buckby joined Paul Weston at the Zionist fake nationalist organisation, known as Liberty GB, and less than a year ago, he was chosen to be the Electoral Agent for Ann Marie Waters, another Zionist vying for a place at the head of the “nationalist” movement. Like Weston, Ann Marie Waters’ main focus is anti-Islam and pro-homosexuality. Those two issues, along with a general hatred of every aspect of Christianity, are the primary focus of those who follow the teachings of the Talmud (aka Zionists).
Remember what Voltaire said:
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."
This brings me back to Carl Mason, who also states that Jack Renshaw is ‘anti-Semitic’; why is that? Why is Carl Mason using the weapon-words of the enemy? He might as well call Jack a ‘racist’, which would be equally absurd. Reading of fellow nationalists using the enemy’s references is ignorant, misguided and shocking. Carl Mason is well aware of the weapon words the enemy uses to demonise British nationalists and the terms ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘racist’ were specifically created by our enemy to stop Caucasoid Christians spreading the truth of their murderous activities. They are so determined to hide the truth that, if we say ANYTHING that they don’t like, we are branded as anti-Semitic and threatened with court action – because they also control the courts.
Carl Mason continues to associate Jack Renshaw with Buckby, as if that news was current, despite the fact that, as pointed out above, it was six years ago. He goes on to claim that members of National Action are frauds, informants, agents and sodomites. Those are disgraceful claims, by a man who should know better, because describing fellow nationalists as liars, cheats and sexual deviants goes against everything that we stand for. Carl Mason claims that these are FACTS, but it is absolute nonsense.
Whether or not Jack Renshaw, or anyone else for that matter, was a member of National Action is factually unknown and is conjecture, and anyone stating that as fact, is talking through their rear end. Even if someone says they were, it must still be proven with evidence. Also, the fact that certain people may or may not have spoken at National Action rallies, does not prove that they were members and were thus, ‘breaking the law’, or more accurately, contravening unlawful legislation.
Those young men are being accused of invented “crimes” by a tyrannical government that pours scorn over our nation’s Constitutional Law and then dictates that their unlawful statutes are superior to the common law. Instead of falsely accusing fellow British nationalists, Carl Mason, Nick Griffin, Jim Dowson and the EKP writers should be supporting those who are brave enough to lawfully expose the truth, however unwise it may seem. That begs the question of why such people who have been involved in nationalism for many years (two of which have made a good living out of it) are either unaware of the truths being exposed by 22 year old Jack Renshaw, or they are too afraid to speak of it. I know that Carl Mason is afraid of nothing and can look after himself, and the other two are often seen with body guards; so why aren’t THEY exposing the truth?
Carl Mason’s rant continues with...
...‘The Neo Nazi crew, who wouldn’t last one day in our nation’s military’... ...‘bringing our movement into disrepute’... ...‘terrorise local townsfolk with their Sieg Heiling’...
What a load of tripe! Those are the words of our enemy and Carl Mason is happy to condemn a group of people who he probably hasn’t even met. Why is he describing those people in aggressive bullying terms, when they have never claimed to be tough guys and neither have they bullied or terrorised anyone? As mentioned above, like many of the people he associates with, Jack Renshaw is an academic and has never been a fighter and nor does he want to be. The mere fact that they are NOT hard cases; skinheads; thugs; or ex-soldiers, suggests that, to openly speak the truth in the face of commie thugs and political tyranny, they are very brave people.
My understanding is that some of them cover their faces to play Antifa at their own game, and also to save losing their jobs; because in this age of tyranny, speaking the truth is regarded as an act of terrorism.

Any British nationalist who has not yet learned the truth of the so-called ‘German atrocities’ in the two world wars and the truth of the many genuine holocausts, such as the Ukrainian ‘Holodomor’ which was carried out by Bolsjewik Communists, as opposed to the phony holohoax, that the West has been brainwashed with; must have been living in a cave, or they have not done their own research. Instead of taking my word for it, get the evidence from an honest and very brave Jew, named David Cole, just Google ‘David Cole in Auschwitz the full documentary 1992’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHzWo79dCHs

The people that are currently being accused of “terrorist” or “hate” crimes HAVE done their homework and they are brave enough to tell the truth about it and THAT is why the enemy sees them as a much bigger threat than a bunch of brainless skinheads. The thought of educated and articulate young people exposing the truth about the subject that keeps most of the Western world paralysed with silence, must be terrifying for the Controllers, and they are determined to stop those truths coming out. They own virtually every newspaper and media outlet in Britain, but they are struggling to stop people telling the truth
The murderous Bolsjewik Revolution took place 100 years ago and over 60 million people, mostly Christians, were raped, mutilated, hanged, crucified and murdered, by Bolsjewiks.

It was widely reported at the time, that the Revolution in Russia, was not simply a 'Russian' Revolution, but a ‘Bolshevik/Jewish’ Revolution, because immediately before the 1917 slaughter of Christians, one hundred thousand (100,000) Bolsjewik Jews migrated to Russia from all parts of the world, including Great Britain.In 1918, ‘THE TIMES’ correspondent for Russia, Robert Wilton, reported the following:
'The 384 Commissars in the new Communist Russian government includes 2 Negroes; 13 Russians; 15 Chinamen; 22 Armenians; and more than 300 Jews. Of those Jews, 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government.'

In 1920, the 10th edition of The American Hebrew, a Jewish publication in the USA, stated:

"The Bolsjewik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way, in Russia, thanks to Jewish Brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world."
The level of Jewish mistreatment of Christians is enormous and Jez Turner has exposed the fact that Jews in Britain are operating their own Shomrim fake police vigilante squad, in contravention of the law of our country. By doing so, he is facing prosecution for simply speaking the truth. This is an example of how certain Jews can do as they like and get away with lots of things that others can’t, simply by screaming “anti-Semitism!”, whenever the spotlight is shone on them. Why would Carl Mason want to support the notorious rabble that forces the British people to remain silent?

Jack Renshaw, Jez Turner, Alison Chabloz and many others are being prosecuted for speaking the truth about Jewish influence and they are in very good company, as lots of very eminent people have done the same, such as:
Jesus Christ; St Paul; St. Jerome; Justin Martyr; Tertullian; Origen; Eusebius; Theodosius II; King Dagobert; Socrates Scholasticus; Thomas Aquinas; King Edward I of England; Martin Luther (not the deviant Michael King, the REAL Martin Luther); Rev. I.B. Pranaitis (author of ‘The Talmud Unmasked’) and Ezra Pound, to mention just a few.

Many Jews in Palestine/Israel are against the murderous Zionist bullies that have occupied that land and have placed Sephardic Palestinian Jews into re-education programmes and are forcing many young Jews to join the army, against their religion. Also, they have forced many thousands of Muslim and Christian Palestinians out of their homes and land. Likewise, many Christians and Muslims are oppressed in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, due to the dictatorial leadership of those countries. But, regardless of who is causing those atrocities, we must be allowed to report the truth of such things, otherwise it will never end and people will continue to be held in bankster slavery.

Our Constitutional Law gives us the right to expose these truths, which were once openly discussed, but nowadays we risk being sent to prison, for doing nothing unlawful. But evidently, it's okay to attack Christians and the various Christian denominations. It appears to be acceptable to accuse Catholics as being 'bomb-throwers and paedophiles' and people often do so, with impunity. This is deemed to be acceptable, because of the IRA bombings and the exposure of some paedophile Catholic Priests - whilst lots of alleged paedophile Muslims and Jews, including government ministers, have been left alone to continue their appalling activities. The pattern is to allow Quranists and Talmudics to do as they like, but to demonise and destroy Christianity.

In summary, I suggest that anyone wishing to challenge their fellow patriotic nationalists should do so in the manner of our ancestors, in a common law ‘court’. The rules of the common law were never documented until King Alfred The Great had it written down in the 'Doom Book' / 'Legal Code of Alfred the Great' c.893AD.
A very small part of that law is this old common law rule, which dates back beyond King Alfred’s Law, and says: “He who brings the charges must provide the remedy.”  This was put in place to stop people making false or unprovable allegations, because to do so wilfully, constitutes the common law crime of Tort, which was and still is a serious charge.
In a civilised society, we should always base our decisions on the common law, with the use of proven evidence; otherwise, we could become as despotic as the corrupt rats that currently rule us. The danger is that if we fall into the trap of believing all of the gossip, without personal experience or evidence of the allegations, then we’d be allowing the Controllers to continue controlling us. Because THEY put out lots of fake news, false flag operations and accusations, in order to create antipathy between our groups. We must understand our enemy and we must never use their weapon words against our own people. Messrs Mason, Griffin and Dowson would do well to keep that in mind.

(We are publishing this article in Nationalist Sentinel, especially because it highlights the ridiculous feuding and maliciousness perpetrated by 'Nationalists' against other Nationalists - which Nationalist Sentinel is expressly trying to urge all White Nationalists to BUILD BRIDGES NOT BARRIERS!)

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